Toxic chemical spills and looming world war remove all doubt – the time to stock up is now!

Toxic chemical spills and looming world war remove all doubt - the time to stock up is now!
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While it appears the government may not be taking the train derailment and resulting toxic chemical spill and toxic chemical dispersion in East Palestine, Ohio seriously enough, it seems people across the country certainly are.

In recent days at my local grocery store very far away from Ohio, the shelves that usually hold bottled water have consistently been about 75% empty.

Is that because people are watching the news and taking current events seriously?

Or is it just another “supply chain disruption” that we’ve all been trained to now believe are totally normal even though they almost never occurred before 2020?

Who knows?

What I do know is that current events and the headlines are all screaming what I’ve been preaching here for a very long time now.

Stock up!

And it’s not just toxic chemical spills that we have to consider either.

Just a brief look at our leaders’ commentary on the world stage are enough to make you want to hunker down.

While Russia plans another massive offensive in Ukraine, gaining more and more allies outside the West, Western leaders continue to say, almost in unison, that they will bankroll and support the fighting in Ukraine for “as long as it takes”.

Both sides speak openly of using nuclear weapons. Both sides speak very little of backing down. And both sides seem to be growing larger by the day.

And this isn’t a tale of conspiracies or information that cannot be vetted.

This is what our leaders tell us openly.

To our faces.

We hope and pray it doesn’t come to an all-out, worldwide nuclear conflagration, but to ignore the fact that virtually the totality of world leaders involved in this war speak far more often about nuclear war than about peace means perhaps we should take them seriously.

And that means prepare.

Of course, this article is not providing holistic advice on how to survive nuclear war, nuclear fallout, or toxic chemical spills. Far, far from it.

What this article is doing is advocating the primary step on the road to giving us power and some level of security in times where we might otherwise be vulnerable.

And in so doing, allowing us to potentially be in a position to help others since we have taken care of ourselves first.

And that primary step is to have enough food and water.

Everything else hinges on that, and it’s something we can still do today. It’s not too late.

If you stock up now, you are one less person or one less household in the fray if or when there is a run on supplies at the stores.

And, if you are able, think about donating food and water to your local food bank or food pantry. Providing for your community now could keep it safe from chaos or even violence later.

We still have time to prepare, but as the toxic disaster in East Palestine showed us, we need to be ready with emergency supplies of food and water at all times.

Just because you might see doom and gloom on the horizon does not mean you cannot power through it in victory.

But it’s a lot more difficult if you do not prepare now.

Check out this article for tips on stocking up that you can take right now without changing your lifestyle at all.

Then check out this article to see five great storable foods perfect for an emergency food stash that won’t break the bank but can provide for your health.

And remember, taking care of your household now can help a different, unprepared household take care of its needs later.

There’s no good reason to wait but every good reason to start!

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