Preparing for Food Shortages is Selflessness

Preparing for Food Shortages is Selflessness
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Right now we are still in a time when you can get just about any food that you need.

There is food on the shelves, as we in the West are accustomed to, and the supply chain is still working well enough to restock them.

Which is exactly why you have to prepare for a time when that is no longer the case.

It’s not just for you. It’s for everyone else around you, even those you don’t know.

It’s the most selfless thing you can do right now to prepare for any food shortages ahead.

By preparing now while shelves are still being restocked, you prepare you and your family for any future catastrophes.

And make no mistake about it. A food shortage is a catastrophe the likes of which most in the West have never even begun to conceive.

By preparing and taking care of yourself now, you get the supplies you need for today and tomorrow while not preventing others from getting what they need today.

Once shortages truly begin, every item you take off the shelf represents another person going without.

Today, that is not the case, so it is now the time to prepare.

If you do, should food shortages ever become a reality, you can sit on the sidelines, leaving the resources that remain for those in need.

There is no other way, short of miraculous intervention, that we can have a chance to ensure everyone is fed.

By preparing yourself today while we have enough supplies, you prevent someone else from going hungry tomorrow when we do not.

So do not sit idly by now.

Get ready.

The time may be short.

Or it may not.

Either way, there is only benefit to providing for your own household now and thereby enabling other, unprepared households, to provide for themselves later.

It only happens if you take action to stock your own shelves now.

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Every household that prepares itself today represents an unprepared household that is able to provide for itself tomorrow.

The time is now.


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