This Won’t Help Food Security

This Won't Help Food Security
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Keep an eye on the diesel fuel market as another indicator of rising food prices and potential shortages on the way.

This from Wyoming senator Cynthia Lummis (no, I don’t follow her politics and this is obviously not an endorsement of them):

Remember, putting yourself first and preparing your household today is a selfless act that will help an unprepared household tomorrow.

There is still time, hopefully, to stock up at the grocery store, which you can read more about here.

But if you think time is running short, it may be time to start thinking about emergency food supplies like MREs to bolster your preparedness and give you more peace of mind.

Time will tell if her tweet ends up being true, but we have more than enough indicators to flash giant red warning lights telling us all to prepare regardless.

Do it now.

And please remember to share these articles. Social media, email, print them out and hand them out if you have to.

To my recollection I’ve never asked this before, but I am asking now because the stakes are too high. The more preparation there is now, the more safety there is tomorrow.

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