How to Disqualify an “Expert”

How to Disqualify an Expert
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Part of becoming great and living your greatest life is knowing how to discern between those who have quality discernment and those who do not.

So today we will share the easiest way to disqualify an “expert”.

We’ll use a meteorologist as an example.

If your local meteorologist goes on TV and says “it is going to rain on Tuesday”, and it doesn’t rain?

Don’t disqualify that meteorologist just yet. Sometimes things happen that change predictions and even the best experts are not totally right all the time.

But at this point, that “expert” can be put on watch.

Now, let’s say he gets on TV the following week and says, again, “it is going to rain on Tuesday”.

And, once again, it does not rain on Tuesday.

Okay, maybe he’s having a bad run of things and this is still just an anomaly.

But he at least should be rising up your “watch list”.

Now, let’s say he gets on TV yet again and predicts, as he loves to do, that “it is going to rain on Tuesday”.

Tuesday comes and it is sunny skies again.

Now it’s time to cross him off your list of “experts”.

Experts do not get to be wrong continuously and not only retain their expert status, but also retain their ability to influence your thinking and how you look at life.

That is not living your greatest life.

So now you can think about all the things the “expert class” has been and is currently selling you.

How have their past predictions and prognostications fared?

If the answer is “not so good” then, frankly, you are precluded from sharing their conclusions. It is not allowed and they are the ones to blame, not you. It is now time to find a new and better expert that doesn’t get things wrong all the time.

A lot to ask of an expert, I know.

If an “expert” repeatedly says things are going to happen that never do, it is your responsibility to tune that person out.

If an “expert” says that someone is going to do something, and yet those someones never do those somethings, it is your responsibility to tune that person out.

There are plenty of voices out there, as long as censorship doesn’t have its way, so you can continue the search for experts that will provide you with real, actionable information that you can use to shape your views on life and what you should support.

Remember, just because your favorite big-budget news station has decided you should listen to a certain pundit does not mean they have earned your attention.

You’re better off turning off your TV and watching paint dry than giving them space inside your mind.

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