The ONLY reason you need to become a “prepper”

The ONLY reason you need to become a “prepper”
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Because it is foolish not to.

Surely the odds of food shortages or famine are low, you might say.

Although they’ve happened numerous times all across the world throughout human history, exist in some places now, and even take place regularly throughout the history books in places where it may have been unthinkable prior.

The Bible predicts mass famine in more than one place (Matthew 24:7, Revelation 6:5-6), with sadly too many of the billions of churchgoers and Christians not responding to the warning.

The Sri Lankan government was recently overthrown due to many issues, but primary among them was the resulting food scarcity building in that country.

Countries like the Netherlands, the world’s second largest agricultural exporter behind only the United States, are seeing protests amongst their farmers as their governments “transition” away from the fertilizers currently used to grow the food that feeds much of our planet’s population.

Note: Commercial fertilizer is indeed a subpar option that can cause plants to take up harmful chemicals from the soil and can also strip the soil of much needed nutrients. It is certainly not the healthiest way to grow food. But there are proper ways to get off of bad fertilizers and onto better ones, and starving people is not one of those ways.

Inflation is not skyrocketing only in the United States, which has just entered a technical recession, but across the West as well.

India has banned wheat exports in a protectionist move.

Large swaths of California’s rice farming acreage are being fallowed this year, while California remains one of the largest sources of rice production for US consumers.

The war in Ukraine and resulting sanctions on Russia have choked off food exports from both countries, as well as much needed fertilizer, without which there is no food to eat. How much longer can food production keep pace with the peoples’ needs as fertilizer becomes harder and harder to come by, and more expensive?

On top of it all, food production facilities all over have mysteriously been experiencing accidents like fires and explosions all across the United States. I am not insinuating that there is a conspiracy afoot or that there have been enough incidents to result in significant disruptions to food supply, but this is very unusual and comes at a time when there have been more challenges to food production and affordability than any time in recent memory.

All of this while one of the world’s superpowers, Russia, is currently at war in Ukraine drawing sanctions from the West that have resulted in some of these food production challenges and another even bigger superpower, China, perhaps poised for a war of its own in Taiwan. How that affects food security, as well as many other things, remains to be seen.

Does anybody still think the odds of food scarcity or worse are quite as “low” as they once did?

And this is just scratching the surface of what we “know”. It wasn’t long ago that these stories were not in the headlines. What will tomorrow’s headlines be that we do not yet know today?

It is foolish to not prepare.

Should you prepare and everything stabilizes, you can simply eat the food you bought.

Should everything go haywire, you still can simply eat the food you bought.

You lose absolutely nothing either way, so there is no reason to wait.

We are still in a time where you can prepare somewhat “easily”, although every day that goes by makes doing so more expensive thanks to monetary policy that is devaluing your money.

So unless you are curious about what it might be like to be in the midst of a food shortage or famine competing with other starving and desperate people for the scarce resources that are left (people that I’m sure you can expect to behave very civilly and with great respect and order by the way), you might want to prep now.

Remember, every person who prepares now could potentially save a person who didn’t, later.

But let’s not leave that to chance.

Prepare now.

Pray now.

Be safe both now and later.

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