More than the Ordinary Vitamin C: My Top Vitamin C Supplement Choice

My Top Vitamin C Supplement Choice
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The quality of vitamin C supplements on the market has gotten ridiculously good in recent years, far beyond the ordinary vitamin C we used to find on the shelves.

It wasn’t all that long ago that most vitamin C choices, as well as vitamins in general, were limited mostly to the artificial, lab-produced variety.


The shelves are lined with amazing, natural, whole food-based vitamin C products.

But, for me, one still stands above the rest.

Why is this vitamin C so much better than the ordinary vitamin C?

And how can you tell I really mean it and am not just shilling a product?

For one, at the time of this writing I am not marketing it.

I would tell you about this product whether I get paid to or not. I’ve taken it quietly for years and absolutely love it.

The second reason, however, is what really takes the cake.

I didn’t even know about this product, or this company, until I interviewed for a job with them.

And they did not hire me.

They really should have, if we’re being honest and humble. It would have been a great choice for them.

If I’m being humble.

But alas, they did not see it the same way as I did.

In the process of rejection, though, I found the beauty of not only this vitamin C supplement, but their entire product line.

That company is American Botanical Pharmacy, also known as HerbDoc on the world wide web, or under its founder’s name, Dr. Richard Schulze.

They have a nice storefront in Marina Del Rey with an outstanding line of natural supplements that cover the gamut.

But their vitamin C, Super-C Plus, is at the top of my list.

When we think of vitamin C and the foods high in vitamin C, most of our minds immediately go to oranges.

Oranges are but one of the foods high in vitamin C

Oranges have a lot of vitamin C and are readily available, so they are a wonderful source for us to get vitamin C in our diets.

I usually eat a couple mandarin oranges a day.

But when we are talking about whole food-based supplements, there are a number of other foods high in vitamin C that are not typically found in the produce section and offer much more vitamin C than oranges do.

This is why we take nutritional supplements. To get more and/or better than what we can get out of our diets. Dr. Schulze makes amazing use of these special foods that offer high amounts and high concentrations of vitamin C.

Many food sources high in vitamin C are much better than one

Foods like camu camu, for instance.

Camu camu is one of the highest concentrated food sources of vitamin C on the planet. You can find camu camu supplements at stores, sometimes sold in a powder that can be mixed into drinks.

Even the amazing camu camu on its own is not as good as it is when blended with its friends, which in this case includes orange peel among many others. Many don’t realize that much of the vitamin C found in oranges is found in the peel and the pith, which are routinely thrown out.

Of course, you could eat some of the peel like I do, but I can attest you will get strange looks from your friends. I’m used to that and okay with it, but you may not be and that’s alright.

Other outstanding ingredients in Super-C Plus include acerola cherry, rose hips, lemon peel, and coriander leaf, to name a few.

Again, amazing foods high in vitamin C that are not always accessible in the produce section, but are accessible to you now in an easy to take vitamin C supplement.

My favorite vitamin C supplement, among many good ones

The formulation is incredibly thoughtful, pulling in high-vitamin C food sources from both fruits and greens as well as piling up bioflavonoids to make a well-rounded supplement that goes beyond what you would expect from a typical vitamin C supplement both in terms of the ancillary benefits given by the diversity of food ingredients as well as its bioavailability.

That was a long sentence. Go back and re-read it if you need to.

Super-C Plus comes in pills that can be chewed. They are a little bit bitter, but not too bitter.

I guess you could say there’s more bitterness in the pills than I hold towards the company that makes them for not hiring me!

But I digress. I’m over it. For real.

They also sell a powdered version, but I love the convenience of the chewable vitamin C tablets. Quick and easy to take and they taste pretty good for not having anything added to them to enhance their flavor. They are what they are and they come out pretty well.

There are a lot of great whole food-based vitamin C choices on the market today, but the top of my list is still Super-C Plus.

Do you have a favorite vitamin C supplement? Let me know in the comments below!

And check out these other articles on vitamin C here on this site. The benefits of vitamin C go way beyond immune health and are pretty underreported, so you may be surprised at just how important and vital vitamin C is to your health.

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