Bee Pollen for Your Health?

Bee Pollen for Your Health
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I wasn’t sure what to research and write about next.

Then I saw major media figures mocking bee pollen, giving no reason as to why.

So I had my answer.

Let’s start looking into the possible health benefits of bee pollen and treat our health seriously.

Does bee pollen have antioxidant potential?

This is a question researchers from Medical University of Lublin in Poland asked when they looked into the medicinal benefits of several honeybee products. The results of their review were lengthy and published in 2018 in the journal Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity.

Move over, health-mockers. Bee pollen has some real health benefits.

According to the researchers, bee pollen “has been found both to alleviate the deterioration of antioxidant barrier and instead of nad to inhibit lipid peroxidation process following chemotherapy.”

In other words, they found bee pollen to help protect against the damaging pro-oxidant effects of chemotherapy.

They also noted multiple studies which found pretreatment with bee pollen in a dose-dependent manner had shown the potential to alleviate the harmful effects of cisplatin on kidney and liver function. (Cisplatin is a chemotherapy used to treat several cancers.) In one experiment in particular, bee pollen showed protective effects against oxidative stress-induced damage also after application of cisplatin, not only before application.

(This article does not advocate against the use of cisplatin, for the record.)

Additionally, those same scientists also found the particular bee pollen they tested to reduce proliferation of cancer cells. They found that bee pollen alone inhibited cancer cell proliferation as well as when used in combination with cisplatin.

Cisplatin alone also showed reduced cancer cell proliferation.

No small benefits, even the health-mockers might agree.

In the Polish scientists’ review of the scientific literature, they found numerous other studies displaying the potential for bee pollen to protect against numerous forms of pro-oxidant damage.

Such as a Turkish study that found bee pollen to have a protective effect against carbon tetrachloride hepatotoxicity and in helping alleviate liver injury.

They also found a Pakistani study that showed bee pollen to alleviate aflatoxin-induced oxidative processes in the spleen.

Additionally they found a study out of India and the UK which showed bee pollen to have the potential to alleviate stress induced by exercise.

It is important to note that some studies did not show bee pollen to have a significant effect on the conditions they were being tested against, and all of the positive studies could use plenty of replication as well as additional studies to determine the best sources of bee pollen, delivery methods, and safe dosages for use in humans.

As is the case with virtually all studies.

However, with all that said, this one single review shows a voluminous amount of scientific literature displaying the potential benefits of bee pollen, mainly as an antioxidant, to help protect out health and enhance it.

So don’t let anyone in media mock natural health methods without going into factual, properly contextual detail as to why.

Go find the truth and take your power back over your health.

And if you are interested in using bee pollen to enhance your health, talk to your doctor first to see if it is right for you and safe for you, especially given the numerous allergies people might have to bee products today. This article is for informational purposes only and is not medical advice for anyone.


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