Can Health Care Ever Really be Free?

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Today, we put the debate to rest.

The merits and demerits of governments providing free health care to their citizens is a huge topic right now.

Proponents say it is a basic human right and must be provided to all citizens (and, depending on whom you ask, non-citizens too).

Opponents say it cannot be afforded financially and the best way to provide health care to all is through the free market creating competition and driving prices to a competitive, affordable level.

In a nutshell.

So, who is right?

They’re all wrong


Well, first of all, I do have an opinion about which one is better, but it is far too nuanced to discuss here. Nor do I care to get into politics.

This remains a politics-free zone.

These types of political debates will not help you in your own real life, with your own real health, anyway.

I don’t like to waste my time on non-solutions, so I won’t waste my time on this debate here.

Instead, I will focus on the truth that you can apply to your real life RIGHT NOW.

And bypass all the nonsense.

The fact is, I don’t care how much money governments pour into providing free “health care” to their constituents.

It’s not free and can NEVER be free.

Not only is health care NOT free, it SHOULD not be free!

Wait a minute?

Not only am I advocating for health care costs to come out of our own pockets, but…

we should just accept that and be happy about it?

Yes I am.

You see, the “health care” debate does not address one very important topic.

Health care.

So what do I mean by all of this?

Why do I believe we SHOULD spend money on health care?

And further, why do I believe we should be THRILLED about it?

(Because I do.)

Today, let’s talk about consumerism, shall we?

You could say we live in a bit of an odd society.

I hear people, good-intentioned people mind you, make the argument that health care is not something we should have to pay for.

I even hear people make the argument that it is immoral for doctors and health care providers to work for a profit.

How, they ask, can someone demand another person pay them for their health of all things?

How could someone be turned away from healing because they don’t have enough money?

How heartless and unforgiving of a society is that?

Great questions!

I do believe that would be pretty heartless.

But the answer boils down to this.

What is and what should be valued?

Let’s now think about this.

How many of us, if we came into a windfall profit, would race out to buy a new car, new house and new clothes?

Probably all of us. Likely myself included.

Now, how many of us would run to the health food store and pick up the highest quality superfood product, great organic produce and pastured eggs?

Please don’t tell me I’m the only one.

You see, it seems we tend to not blink at spending money on so many material things.

But when it comes to our health, the question seems to be “what is somebody else doing about it for me” rather than “what am I doing about it”.

Why would we sit on the sidelines, completely inactive, when it comes to securing our own health and well-being, waiting and hoping that nothing bad happens when instead we could be using our money and resources to secure it for our lifetime?

Let’s answer this question. Who really provides health care?

Insurance companies?

No way.

The government?

Take a seat, it’s not you either.

Is it the person looking back at you in your mirror?


NEITHER the government nor private insurance provides anyone with “health care”.

Sick care, maybe.

But health care? Nope!

So I’m not concerned with their so-called “health care” plans.

I’m concerned with your health care plan, ACTUAL HEALTH.

And something that valuable is worth it’s weight in platinum.

Change what you value before it’s too late – and take back your power!

Let’s boil down health care plans, shall we?

They are an intricate design that funnels you to visit the doctor.

Okay, fine. Not necessarily a bad thing, but let’s examine this further. Follow me here.

At that point of visiting the doctor, whether it is a check-up or to evaluate an ailment you might have, you are only checking on the fruits of how you spent your life leading up to that appointment.

And then perhaps coming up with a plan to fix what you may have broken.

Your health, and the results of that visit, were determined long before you ever got there. Not when you got there.

That’s where health care happens.

Don’t wait!

So, if you are waiting until your next doctor’s office visit to somehow achieve great health, you are already too late.

Way, WAY too late.

The time to be building and determining your health is RIGHT NOW.

That is actual “health care”.

Doctor’s visits are a scorecard to tell you how well you’ve done. And then perhaps try to fix anything you’ve broken.

Insurance plans offer a way to spread out the cost of those visits and the interventions that may have to follow.

As for those debating the issue on TV, Twitter, or in the halls of Congress today?

I have yet to hear any of them speak of real health care.

And I have yet to hear one of them encourage you to put your resources toward it.

That’s where I come in.

I’m here to encourage you take back your power.

What, then, is health care?

Health care is in how you live your life.

What fuel are you feeding yourself?

How are you exercising your body?

How are you exercising your mind?

Your spirit?

And how are you using your money, time and resources to determine those things?

Because that is where real value lies for us as consumers.

Expensive gadgets are great. So are great clothes, vacations, homes, you name it.

All awesome things that we can strive to achieve (or afford).

And I do.

But is there not greater value in superfoods, clean water, fresh produce, exercise equipment and even books that build up our minds?

Is there not greater value in these tools that, when we use them, give us the opportunity to chase after and enjoy the expensive gadgets, great clothes, vacations, and other things?

Besides, what good are these things if you are not well enough to enjoy them anyway? Or well enough to work hard and earn the money to buy them?

Compared to these tools that can give us great health, there is very little value in, well, most everything else.

Because these are things that provide the real health care. That allow us to succeed and then enjoy everything else in life.

Real health care is your foundation and without it how can we fully enjoy a single thing that would bring us joy?

How we spend our money is an expression of our values

We show ourselves and the world what we think is important, truly important, by how we use our resources.

If I were to tell you that spending $100 a month on superfoods or nutritional supplements is one of the most important things you can do to revolutionize your health today, would you say you can’t afford that?

Maybe you would. And maybe that’s true.

But, before you say that, answer this question.

What else do you spend $100 a month on that is as valuable as a health-defining superfood product?

Or high-quality produce? Grass-fed beef rather than commercial? Organic bananas versus conventional?

Did you spend $1,000 on a phone this year? Because that’s a year or so worth of life-defining superfood nutrition right there.

Candy Crush looks like fun, but I’m sure it’s a lot less fun if you’re lying in a hospital bed.

Now, I’m not saying I don’t want you to have a nice phone or other nice things.

Because I do.

I just want you to have your health first.

Great health (and bad) is created – by you!

Creating great health (yes, you create it just the same as you create bad health) gives you opportunities in every arena in life.

If you cannot admit your responsibility over your own health, your failures and your successes, you are relinquishing your power to change it.

Don’t do that!

The government cannot create your health.

Private insurance companies cannot create your health.

So quit giving THEM your power and take it back for YOURSELF!

Never wait until it’s too late!

So invest in yourself NOW. Don’t wait until your next doctor’s appointment to hope that nothing is found on your battery of tests.

If that is what you are doing, you are already too late.

Don’t give away your power to be healthy.

And never let anybody take it from you.

Don’t believe them if they tell you everything is up to chance.

You have a say in things too.

If something goes wrong? Dig and dig until you find out where it went wrong and do everything in your power to fix it.

Never give up your power!

Achieve great health today so you can keep it for tomorrow.

Happy to spend that money!

Why do I believe we should HAPPILY spend our money on great health? Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual?

Because it is the greatest value there is.

If we accept and have no problem spending money on cars, clothes, shoes, houses, you name it, we should be RUNNING to spend our money on the things that give us great health and a great life.

I, for one, get excited to buy pastured eggs, my daily superfood drink and fresh produce.

Then, when I get home, I am even more excited to eat them, knowing that I am kicking butt and taking names when it comes to my health. And then I get excited for the results.

Do this exercise with me

Imagine opening up the most valuable Christmas or birthday gift you can think of. Think of how it makes you feel, because that gift is now yours and you get to use it, whatever it may be.

Maybe it’s a great tool you can use in the kitchen, or the latest video game that you are excited to play, or maybe a great new outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks.

Now imagine instead that that gift you unwrapped is your greatest health.

You can open it up, feel like a million bucks, and feel like there nothing you cannot do. Nothing you cannot accomplish. Nothing you cannot achieve.

And you can give yourself that gift RIGHT NOW!

You don’t have to wait for anybody to give it to you.

You don’t have to send a letter to the North Pole.

You can take it for yourself and enjoy it right now, just like you would any of those other presents.

So, who is right about “health care”?

It doesn’t matter who the pundits tell you ought to provide your health “insurance”.

They all miss the point.

Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

You see, they only see two options: the government or private insurance companies.

They only see ways to respond to bad health that has already been created.

They don’t see how to CREATE great health and render their plans mostly useless except in certain circumstances.

AND they see spending money on health as a negative.

No one ever debates how we can make cars cheaper, or clothes cheaper, or who should provide these things to us.

But when it comes to our health?

I can hardly think of anything better to spend money on.

But maybe that’s because I’ve been on this journey for a while. And now I can see the difference between great health and bad.

And I can see the difference in my life and my health when I started directing my resources to things that made me healthier, wiser and more capable.

Trust me. Once you start spending your money on things that build you up and make you better, healthier, stronger, smarter, more capable – nothing else will look the same.

There is only one person who can provide you with health care.


So spend your resources like YOU depend on it.

Because there is no greater value.

Disclaimer: Please do not take this article to be a suggestion to forego health insurance or doctor’s visits and care. YES! Get health insurance! YES!  Talk to your doctor and take their advice under consideration!

Then enjoy having your doctor and everyone else marvel at your amazing health and how uneventful your check-ups really are!

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