And the beat goes on…food prices up 13% in September.

And the beat goes prices up 13% in September.
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Round and round we go, where it stops nobody knows!

Okay, maybe somebody knows, but most of the rest of us are going along for this inflationary ride which resembles more of a straight upward climb.

Which is all the more reason to stock up on food and perhaps other long-term goods now.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released it’s inflation report for September and, no matter how hard the lawmakers, elected officials, and those carrying their water try to spin things, we all know one thing for certain.

Food prices at home rose a massive 13% year-over-year in September.

There is no spinning that.

You see it on the shelves at your grocery store and in your bank account when you wonder why not as much money is hanging around in there at the end of the month as it used to.

Enjoy your new tax, paid for almost entirely by the middle and lower class.

So what can you do?

I’ve been advocating it here for a long time and we need to spread the word – it is vital to the stability of our society.

Stock up now.

You need to be prepared with long-lasting, shelf-stable foods in the event of a food shortage or, gasp, even a nuclear war.

You know, that almost unspeakable thing that leaders are now talking about as if it’s as trivial as a trip to the candy store.

It seems advocating for prepping is not such a crazy thing after all.

Nevertheless, the time to stock up is always now.

Had you stocked up last month, it would have cost you less than it will to do so this month. And that has been the case for some time now, with no real signs of it slowing down.

Granted, having a proper food storage safety net will not all by itself save you in the event of nuclear fallout. One way or another you need to have that safety net to protect your own household and those of others during any time of crisis and food scarcity.

Those times do happen.

So pay no mind to the spin or the feelings influencers try to generate in you. Always pay attention to the reality.

Food prices continue to skyrocket, so no matter anyone’s politics, stocking up now will save you money and prepare you to make it through, and perhaps thrive through, hard times.

Hard times are the most important times to be grateful!

Don’t let stress and worry get you down. There is a lot to prepare for and a lot of work to do, but we must never lose sight of what we are grateful for.

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