Have you stocked up yet? Another month, another sharp increase in food prices and we’re all surprised…

Have you stocked up yet Another month, another sharp increase in food prices and we're all surprised...
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As the professional fibbers desperately try to spin bad news into some triumphant success that is solely attributable to them, back in the real word your food keeps costing you more and more and more and more.

August’s inflation report has been released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLI) and while the powers that deceive would like for you to be distracted by the decrease in gasoline prices from ridiculous all-time high prices to simply really, really high prices, the fact of the matter is everything continues to get more expensive or stay expensive.

Take food, for instance.

Food has increased month-over-month once again to the tune of almost one percent at 0.8 percent.

Perhaps we should be grateful that food’s meteoric rise in price is increasing at a slightly lesser rate than it’s previous meteoric rise, but in reality it is still gaining in cost, draining your resources even more.

To the tune of an 11.4% increase year-over-year.

Yes, 11.4% above the prices recorded last year, which for the record were up 3.7% above the year before that.

3.7% used to be considered a somewhat significant price increase, or at least eyebrow-raising. Now it almost seems barely noticeable as the price increases compound in numbers we haven’t seen in many decades.

So while the talking heads that have been chosen to persuade you on TV and elsewhere are busy doing their best to put a positive spin on things, lulling many into a sense of complacency, you might be wise to go against that grain and prepare your household while the getting is still “good”.

I have been warning for a long time now on this site about these rising prices, saying that the cheapest they will be is what they are today. Sadly, that remains the case as food prices continue their rise.

That means today continues to be an ideal day to do that prep work for your household, while there is still food on the shelves and before the stores get around to replacing their current price tags with larger ones that can hold an extra digit before the decimal point.

Remember, one of the most selfless things you can do is to prepare your household now so you are out of the mix should a food shortage come. That way you can open up the door to another household who perhaps was complacent and did not prepare so they have a better opportunity to get whatever is left in the crunch.

Donating to food banks now is also a great idea so they can stock up while they are still able to, not to mention feed the increasingly long lines of those who need help.

Click here for advice on how you can prepare your household without breaking the bank and without having to change your current lifestyle.

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