Can Turmeric Effectively Treat Chemo-resistant Breast Cancer?

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Turmeric is truly an embarrassment of riches.

Rough estimates say it has been analyzed in over 7,000 scientific studies for its health and healing capabilities, and for good reason.

This latest evidence of its natural healing prowess is brought to us by researchers out of Guangdong and Macao, China.

They sought to find out whether or not turmeric or one of its constituents could reduce the viability of a chemo-resistant breast cancer line, MCF-7.

They found, in their in vitro study, that the essential oil of turmeric as well as two of it’s isolated constituents, furanodienone and furanodiene, showed what they described as “powerful inhibitory effects on viability of doxorubicin-resistant MCF-7 cells”.

They also found that high concentrations of furanodiene, combined with low concentrations of doxorubicin showed an inhibition of cell viability in the doxorubicin-resistant cells as well.

The fact that these natural compounds exhibited these effects in chemo-resistant cells is absolutely astounding. Hopefully it will instigate additional in vivo studies so doctors can determine how to best administer it in a safe way that is effective for their patients.

If you or someone you know is fighting this type of breast cancer, or any type for that matter, be sure to talk about this study (linked below) with your licensed health care practitioner to see whether or not it can or should be added to your treatment program.

And be sure to check out our database of natural foods and compounds to see the studies that have been conducted showing their potential to heal and prevent diseases, as well as provide amazingly for your total health.

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