Could the Humble Pear Protect Against Multiple Diseases and Death?

Could the Humble Pear Protect Against Multiple Diseases and Death -1
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We all know the old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

We love apple pie.

We love to go apple picking.

Apples get lots of deserved attention.

But where’s the love for pears?

Pears are similar to apples in many ways.

They are easy to eat, easy to find, inexpensive, and delicious.

So why no love?

Where’s all the publicity?

Perhaps if Big Pear had more effective lobbyists, this would not be an issue. But I am here to pick up their slack.

We’ve covered some of the benefits of apples on this site, such as their reported potential to help fight scourges like cancer and heart disease.

But do pears bring anything to the party?

Turns out the answer could be a resounding yes!

Researchers from Tufts University and Tufts Medical Center in Boston, MA conducted a meta-analysis of the available scientific literature on pears and came to some great realizations for which we are very grateful.

In a review of observational studies, they found pear intake resulted in a significant reduction in risk or cerebrovascular disease, cardiovascular death, type 2 diabetes, and even all-cause mortality.

Are we paying attention to pears yet?

Perhaps we should be.

On top of this, they also found pear intake significantly decreased BMI.

Now, this factor alone could explain many of the reported benefits of pears.

Obesity is a leading risk factor for many, if not most, diseases that afflict modern society, especially heart disease and diabetes.

This all begs a question that must be answered:

Are these reductions in risk due to pear intake directly, or do those who eat pears regularly also partake in other healthy behaviors, such as proper exercise, elimination of junk foods, or other healthy habits?

More studies would be great to shed more light on this, but it might be safe to assume that those who regularly partake in one healthy habit, such as eating pears, are likely to partake in others as well.

Caring for our health is a holistic game, but fortunately it is not a complicated one.

The concept that incorporating healthy, easy-to-find, delicious, and inexpensive fruits like pears or apples can create a positive impact is an exciting one for all of us.

Perhaps achieving ideal health is not as complicated or expensive as we may have been led to believe.

So talk to your doctor to see if incorporating some healthy pears into your diet might be beneficial for you.

You might even find yourself pushing out some less healthy foods in order to make more room for the formerly humble, but now mighty, pears.

This is a concept I’ve dubbed “crowdforcing”, which is very effective and you can learn all about here.

And a side note for those who are looking for some of the most delicious foods around, Harry & David’s pears are so good, some people feel like they taste like candy.

Click here to view (not an affiliate).

They are an expensive treat, but one can do worse than a pear for dessert on a special occasion!

The rest of the time?

A simple bag of pears from the produce department should be just fine.

Here’s to your health!


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