Crowdforcing Your Health and Well-Being

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You are a finite being with limitless potential.

But how can you merge the finite with the limitless?

It is possible to use the limitations in your daily existence, such as time and space, to your advantage in order to change your potential from limited to limitless.

If you leverage them properly.

And leveraging them is actually quite simple and will result in breaking through barriers you did not know were possible.  There are no limits to what you can be, and by leveraging the limits you do have, you can begin to compound these possibilities.

Limitations or Opportunities?

There are 24 hours in a day.

Your stomach can only hold a limited amount of food and liquid.

You can only effectively focus on one thing at a time.

(Yes, multi-tasking is a hoax.)

So, are these limitations that restrict our potential, or are they a built-in springboard we can leverage to supercharge growth?

Introducing “crowdforcing”

Crowdforcing is what I call a practice where you crowd a finite space with positive things, thereby forcing negative things to the wayside and flipping your ratio of positive to negative in your favor.  I hold that the more positive this ratio is, the greater your growth and achievement will be.

Due to the process of compounding over time, I believe the higher this ratio gets, your positive results will increase exponentially.  There is a limit of course, and we will discuss that limit later in this article.  You will see that it is virtually impossible to overdo it.

Let’s look at a simple example of crowdforcing that many of you may be aware of.

You may have heard of a popular weight loss trick where, if you eat an apple before every meal, you will eat less during that meal.  This is based on the idea that the apple takes up some of the limited space in your stomach, thereby leaving less room for other, supposedly less desirable food to be consumed, with the goal being restricting overeating.  Effectively, you are crowding your stomach with the apple, a low calorie food, to force out any additional higher calorie foods you would have eaten during that meal.

This is an idea of “crowdforcing”, although it only scratches the surface.

Let’s look at different ways you can crowdforce your health, including methods I currently use.

Your opportunities are endless.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

First of all, I actually do try to eat an apple a day.  Cliche?  Yes.  But do cliches often originate from a place of virtually-established truth?  Yes they do.  The phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” did not come into being because apples are useless or terrible for our health.

Sometimes an apple is replaced by a peach, or a kiwi, or whatever is around that looks good.  The point is, by forcing that piece of fruit into my diet that day, it crowds out something unhealthy, like maybe a cookie or a donut that could have taken its place to satisfy my body’s desire for sugar.

As opposed to trying to restrict a cookie or a donut from my life, I’ve forced it out by eating the apple first.  Now I just don’t want dessert anymore.  I’m full and my body has satisfied its need for sugar.  I no longer have to restrict myself from eating that cookie.  I just couldn’t eat it anymore, even if I wanted to.

I don’t mean to harp on cookies and donuts, though.  They have their place, are great, and to do so would make me a massive hypocrite.

Translation: I eat cookies and donuts.

Supercharged Step: Crowdforcing Superfoods

To supercharge this concept, every day I drink a glass of my favorite superfood drink, Organifi, right after dinner. I do so for a number of reasons.

First of all, I believe the almost unbelievable amount of nutrition and healing benefits we can get from superfoods is maybe the most important step we can take for our health, perhaps second only to mindset.  So that is vital for me on a daily basis no matter what.

Secondly, given the combination of its sweetness and how filling the extra drink is, it often satisfies my after dinner sweet tooth and removes any desire to snack by virtue of making me full.

So it’s not so much what I’m eating for dinner that I’m trying to eat less of.  In fact, I usually eat the same amount.  It’s what I could potentially be eating after dinner that I’m trying to crowd out.  That’s my issue.

After dinner and late-night snacking is an issue a lot of people face, myself included.  So this is an excellent and very effective way to combat that tendency by crowding your diet with whole fruits and superfoods.  Less desirable foods then get forced to the side, no restriction necessary.

Crowdforcing with massive nutrition and healing properties is an outstanding and enjoyable way to propel you into a different stratosphere of health, and it requires no willpower to restrict yourself.  Crowdforcing with an apple is a great, healthy step.  Additional crowdforcing with superfoods is a supercharged, health hero move that I think everybody should consider.

How Crowdforcing Transforms Diet, Without Restriction

When we think of diets, one concept usually comes to mind.


The problem with most diets focusing so much on what you cannot eat is there is not much attention paid to the fact that you of course need to eat something.  They get you focused on what you cannot do, which usually makes you want to do those things even more.

Hence, why so many diets fail.  Many people can use their willpower to keep things they love off their plate for at least a little while.  But, eventually that dam bursts because nothing positive has been put in place of the negatives you’ve been told to avoid like the plague.

It’s not enough to remove negative factors from your life.  You must replace them with positive factors, otherwise you leave open the space for those negative factors to come right back in. 

So, let’s take a look at what has happened to me personally by virtue of adding things to my diet, rather than trying to restrict myself from eating things that are deemed unhealthy.

Every day, my consumption includes at least one additional healthy piece of fruit (great nutrition) and a superfood drink (supremely massive, life-building nutrition) before or after dinner.  I can still eat cookies if I want to because I have not restricted myself from anything.  But who has the room after feeding myself so much with those healthy foods and delicious superfoods?

I don’t mean to make a shameless plug here, but this works for me because Organifi actually tastes good.  If it didn’t, I’m not sure I’d be as successful as I am.

So, without trying, I have eliminated some junk food and empty calories, and it required zero willpower.  And in the process I have supercharged my health and wellness with a boatload of life-building nutrients that make me look and feel better and give me more ability to do more with my life.

The swing from negative territory (health resulting from eating unhealthy foods) to positive territory (health resulting from eating healthy foods) is enormous, and I never once restricted myself from anything so I haven’t had to tap into my willpower for a single thing.

And when I do eat some “junk food”?  It’s rarer and even then I already have an army of superfood nutrients in my body doing their good work to give me a strong foundation to combat any junk.

All because I crowdforced health into my life.  I made only delicious additions, no subtractions, and as a result have much greater health and happiness.

Don’t take it personally, junk food.  I just don’t have the space for you.  We’ll probably hang out on the weekend, though.

Crowdforcing Your Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Even Monetary Growth

Diet and food is the easy, elementary-level stuff.  Now let’s get into some graduate education.

Your free time.  Almost all of us have some free time during the day.  Here is where you are presented with a choice.

A big one.

Yes, your choices determine your life, your reality, and you do have complete control over your choices.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

So you have a choice on what to do with that free time.  You can spend it on “empty calories” like tv, watching videos online, arguing with people on Twitter, etc.

Now, not all tv, online videos and Twitter discussions are empty calories, but you know which ones I’m talking about, and you know they’re easy to fall into.  And once you do, it’s easy for momentum to take over and make it very difficult to change gears and get out of it.

Now consider if you chose instead to read a book for a little while that taught you a new concept or skill.  Maybe something on investing and becoming wealthy, or persuasion skills, or a trade you can use to build a budding career.  Or perhaps you read something or watched a video about someone else who learned a skill and used it to better their own life, filling you with inspiration to do the same for yourself.

Given the fact that there is a limit of 24 hours in a day, by doing so you are crowding out some more unsavory uses of your time.

This is leveraging a finite space to build your own self.

And, trust me, read on because it gets better.

Once you have used your time on something valuable for yourself, I’ve found something interesting tends to happen.

The Crowdforcing Superpower Equation

Valuable Time Spent = Momentum = Satisfaction

Put simply, once you get started on a new project, or learning something new, momentum starts to build and you will then ride that wave.  Just like momentum builds when focusing on negative, wasteful things, it can also build when working on positive, building activities.

When that happens, you will want to learn even more, or work on something that betters yourself.

You won’t be able see it any other way.

For me, that means maybe I’ll write a new or better blog article, improve my social media efforts, website design, or sales skills.

We all need sales skills, by the way.

In fact, each time I sat down to write or edit this article, I ended up spending much more time on it than I planned, and I never even knew where that time went.

Forcing myself to engage in valuable activities crowds out even more empty, unproductive time that may have otherwise been spent chasing the latest gossip online or on tv.  Then that turns into momentum, which means I’ve crowded out even more wasted time and grown even more.  It’s a beautiful things that compounds upon itself.

At Last, Satisfaction

The last part of the equation, satisfaction, comes completely naturally, much like momentum.  You can’t do anything about it – you will end up satisfied in a way that is unlike almost any other feeling of satisfaction.

Once the momentum fades away, which it will do eventually, you will know intuitively that you have accomplished a great thing.  You’ve spent the energy you had to spend at that time, along with the extra energy the momentum gave you.  The feeling is undeniable.  You will know it when it is there, which is why I said earlier that it is almost impossible to do too much.  You just can’t.  The desire to work is naturally replaced with the satisfaction of a job well done when that job is naturally done.

At this point you can go off to spend your time on whatever fun things you like.  Spending time with loved ones, enjoying some entertainment, whatever it may be.

And, you’ll feel much better doing those things because you are naturally satisfied, your self-esteem is skyrocketing and you can see a brighter future for yourself.  What you don’t have are feelings of guilt, feeling like you should have done more with your time.  You can enjoy yourself freely, which makes your fun time exponentially more fun than it would have otherwise been.

Again, you can’t get away from that.  It’s the natural end result of this growth cycle.

The Results

So, let’s see where you are now.  You’ve accomplished much more than you have in the past, and those accomplishments compound over time, making you even smarter, more skilled, more capable and a higher earner.  Every day that goes by is an addition and you get even better.  All the while your fun time has been more valuable and more fun than if you didn’t have a care in the world.

You see, your world is now at a level above that.  Having cares is a thing of the past.  You’ve already fixed that.  Now you obliterate cares.  Your life is all growth, all improvement and all potential, all the time.  Cares take care of themselves because of your new mindset.  All you do is solve, build, create and grow.  You don’t worry about cares – cares worry about you!

Congratulations.  You’ve now supercharged every bit of your being, even down to your ability to have fun, of all things.  Having fun is now more fun.  Who thought that could be?

Crowdforcing the You and the Future You Want

The results of these practices over time are compounded growth in your physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and professional self.  As these things continue to compound over time you will find the “you” you will be in the future will be light years ahead of the “you” you are now, which is pretty great too.  And who knows how great that future will be?  You’re making it much greater every day.  Especially now that you’ve realized the power and control you have to shape that future, your future possibilities have become even more limitless, if that were such a thing.

Let me know your thoughts about this in the comments below.  And for some additional reading on leveraging your time to get what you want out of life and find out what is possible, check out these other recommended articles:

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