Can Garlic Prevent the Common Cold?

garic common cold
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The ever-elusive cure for the common cold remains…

Well, ever-elusive.

But are there steps we can take to reduce the likelihood that we will catch the common cold? Or to reduce its symptoms if we do catch it?

Promising research out of the United Kingdom indicates that could be the case.

Read on.

Published in the journal Advances in Therapy, researchers randomized 146 volunteers to receive either a placebo or an allicin-containing garlic supplement (allicin is the main ingredient in garlic thought to have protective effects).

The volunteers received one capsule daily for a period of twelve weeks during the “common cold season” between November and February. During this time, their health was assessed in a daily diary using a five point scale as well as recording any common cold infections and symptoms experienced.

The results were very encouraging for those of us looking for inexpensive, easy ways to protect and boost our health, and take our power back.

Evidence of Garlic’s Protective Effects?

The garlic-receiving group fared amazingly well when compared to their placebo-receiving counterparts. To the tune of only 24 colds to the placebo’ers 65!

Maybe even more significant was the fact that symptoms persisted for an average of only 1.52 days for the garlic group, compared to 5.01 days for the placebo group.

Less colds? Check.

Milder symptoms? Also check.

Looking good for garlic.

Now, to be fair, this is just one study so replication would be helpful. Not only to replicate the results, but also to determine ideal amounts for people, if possible.

Also, to be fair, this study was carried out by an organization called the Garlic Information Centre. This alone is no reason to doubt the results, but it should be pointed out for those concerned with any potential biases.

Maybe they’re just big fans of garlic who stumbled onto some positive info?

Who knows.

In any case, given what we already know and suspect about garlic, this could be very welcome information, especially in a time when boosting and protecting our immune systems are as important as they’ve ever been.

And if you are thinking about eating garlic every day for your health, here’s a little tip:

Peel a raw clove of garlic, then dice it. Let it sit for a while, maybe about 15 minutes or so.

This will do two very important things. First of all, it will activate the allicin in the garlic, which is activated when the garlic is crushed.

Secondly, it will become a little less pungent by leaving it out for a short while. By eating it in small pieces, you can reduce some of the pungent taste or heat. It’s also easier to mix into your food if that makes sense based on what you’re eating.

Then follow with perhaps something minty or some mouthwash if you’re in the presence of others.

It’s one thing to be healthy, but quite another to be rude!

Anyway, hopefully you found this information helpful today. As always, here’s to your health!


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