Can garlic help the body’s immune response against advanced cancer?

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Whether it is you or a loved one struggling with advanced cancer, it is a devastating time. With feelings of fear and helplessness abounding, we need to find anything we can to help give those who are struggling the fighting chance they need to overcome that terrible disease.

While that doesn’t necessarily have to be a one-stop-shop cure-all, anything that can help is welcome. Even if it only nips at the edges so as to give those struggling enough time to knock out that nasty disease.

So the question is, can something as simple as garlic play a role?

While it may not be a one-stop-shop cure-all, it may be useful.

To that end, researchers from Japan set out to determine if aged garlic extract (AGE) might help prevent the diminishing of natural killer (NK) cells in those with advanced stages of cancer.

In a randomized, double-blind trial, they administered either AGE (500 mg daily) or a placebo to their 50 participants with either advanced stage liver, pancreatic, or colon cancer (although the vast majority at 84% had liver cancer).

Their results, published in March 2006 in The Journal of Nutrition, showed that both the number of NK cells and NK cell activity increased significantly in the AGE group.

While no improvement in quality of life was noted, the fact that it seems AGE is associated with increased NK cells and NK cell activity at a time when advanced cancer patients typically see decreases in both is potentially very good news for those of us looking to do what we can to help buy time in order to allow other treatments to also do their jobs.

In short, while this study does not necessarily reveal a cancer cure, it may reveal another tool to be used amongst many tools to help get the job done.

So if you or a loved one are dealing with advanced cancer, talk to your licensed healthcare practitioner right away to see if AGE or any other food or supplement could help you in your overall approach to fighting cancer.


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