Don’t let anybody tell you what you eat doesn’t matter

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Sadly, I’ve heard it before.

Regular people, even some doctors, downplaying the impact what you eat has on your health.

It’s nonsense and I will tell you why.

You are what you eat

This is not a saying.

It is a statement of fact.

Where do our cells get the raw materials they need to build themselves and keep running properly?

It’s not from a drug we may take in the future after we’ve allowed things to get out of hand.

It’s from the food we put into our bodies RIGHT NOW.

Your very next meal or snack, in fact.

Our cells require nutrients, minerals, phytochemicals, etc. to build themselves and function at a high, optimal level.

What we consume gives us those building blocks.

Or the opposite.

So never let anybody tell you what you eat is not important.

It’s quite literally what you are made of!

Good or bad.

Think about this for a moment

If what you consume doesn’t matter, why are prescription drugs also consumed?

The pills go into your stomach, then the chemicals in those pills are digested and distributed throughout your body to act on your cells in the way they were designed to do.

No different than the nutrients in our food!

How many healing and life-giving nutrients do you think there are in this picture?

Every nutrient in the REAL food we eat is designed to impact our bodies, to supply a need our bodies have to run the way we are designed.

This is why consuming superfoods can be so important.

And also why consuming fake foods can be equally as important.

Think about the size of a bottle of pills

Not very big, right?

Yet, it is believed that small amount of chemicals, when consumed, will heal us of whatever disease they were prescribed to treat.

That tiny little bit of chemicals.

And that might be true, by the way!

So, if we believe that tiny amount of consumption will have such a drastic impact on our health and our cells’ ability to be viable, how much more impact do the literal POUNDS of food and beverages we put into our bodies EVERY DAY have on us?

I would say A WHOLE LOT!

Think about that for a moment.

Think about food as medicine and see how exciting it is to be able to consume amazing, REAL food, real superfoods, and see your body work the way it is meant to.

And feel great.

It’s obviously very important, so do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

Listen to your doctor if you need help, or even before you need help.

But in the meantime, keep flooding your body with nutrition. 

Still have some fun of course because eating should be a fun experience, not a restricting one, but make your consumption mindful.

Make good, real, healing foods and superfoods a priority and still have fun.

The food you eat right now could be the medicine you need today to prevent disease and harsher medicines tomorrow.

Enjoy what you found here today?

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