Can Black Seed Oil Help in the Fight Against Multiple Myeloma?

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Multiple myeloma is known today to be incurable.

But is there something that can be done to stem that tide?

While there has been some progression over the years in the treatment of multiple myeloma, not only has a cure not been deployed, there is another issue.

Many patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments have developed chemoresistance, which is not altogether uncommon in those fighting cancer using chemotherapy.

But it does make treating and fighting this cancer much more difficult.

Does it sound hopeless?

Perhaps it does, but it shouldn’t.

We ought to look for the things we can be doing for ourselves using nature’s medicine that is available at our very own fingertips.

Even if it doesn’t provide an outright cure, if it prevents things from getting worse or even helps improve conditions, we give ourselves a chance at full healing and one day being able to knock it out of the park.

Sometimes it takes a multi-pronged approach to healing. While a single knock-out punch would be nice, we sometimes need to use multiple options to climb the ladder to full healing.

We’re always focusing on the positive here, and on what you can use to get yourself going in the right direction.

So let’s see what the following study says about the ability of black seed oil to help in the fight against multiple myeloma.

Black Seed Oil in the Fight Against Multiple Myeloma

In a February 2015 issue of Oncotarget, researchers from Singapore and South Korea evaluated the ability of thymoquinone (TQ) to suppress the proliferation of and induce chemosensitization in human myeloma cells.

TQ is a bioactive constituent of black seed oil.

Essentially, the researchers wanted to see if TQ help stop the spread of multiple myeloma while also preventing it from becoming chemoresistant.

While this is not a means to eliminate the cancer outright, it is meant to help stop it from developing further while keeping it sensitive to agents that might be able to destroy it.

It is meant to keep one in the game, so to speak.

What Did the Researchers Find?

Using both in vitro and in vivo models, the researchers found TQ to do exactly the above.

First of all, they found TQ to be able to significantly suppress the proliferation of four different multiple myeloma cell lines, three of which have been shown to be resistant to various pharmaceutical drugs.

Secondly, they tested whether or not TQ would increase apoptosis (cancer cell death) in four different multiple myeloma lines when compared to a pharmaceutical agent named Bortezomib.

To test this, they treated the four different cell lines with either TQ alone, Bortezomib alone, or a combination of the two.

Remarkably, the combination of the two showed a statistically significant increase in the markers of apoptosis then either of the two treatments alone. The fact that this was the case across four different cell lines also indicates its potential across the diverse multiple myeloma cell lines.

Finally, the researchers also found TQ to suppress multiple myeloma cell migration in an in vitro analysis. If replicated in people, this can be great news for those undergoing treatment if the cancer is able to be contained and kept from migrating to other parts of the body.

What Does This Mean for You?

Hopefully nothing because that would mean you do not have multiple myeloma.

Remember, prevention is the most important.

But, for those that do, this is a very interesting and potentially life-changing study for you to discuss with your doctor.

Hopefully your doctor knows about this study, but if not show it to him/her. The source is located in the references beneath this article.

Beyond that, it further confirms the potent healing and health-giving capability of foods found in the natural world. We are only scratching the surface here, so far, as there is so much more to be studied and found.

That is why it is so important to maintain a great diet, filled with healing superfoods, every day. You never know which one will be found to prevent a disease that nobody knew about before. And we already know about plenty that can be prevented using certain foods found in the natural world.

Maintaining a great diet gives us the best opportunity at stopping these devastating diseases in their tracks, before they even find us.

And in some cases, they can also help us heal from these diseases, or at least give us the fighting chance we need to knock them out.

Because they have no place in us.

So think closely about what you eat. Add in high-powered, healing superfoods where you can, and only eat foods that are certified food grade in the amounts recommended.

And of course talk to your doctor before starting or changing any diet or treatment program. Especially if you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition or are undergoing treatment. And never eat any food or superfood if you are allergic.

But do whatever you can to get as many healing foods and superfoods into your diet, safely.

Because there may be no greater thing you can do for your health today.


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So believe in the best and believe in you!

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