Be Strong, Men

Be Strong, Men
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Men, the younger generation is looking to you for guidance and leadership today.

They live in a world of planned confusion, with more and more outlets looking to confuse, distract, steal their strength, and replace their God-given purposes with plans of their own.

They need the example of adult men to set the tone for them.

They need to see strong adult men taking the lead in being respectful of others.

They need to see strong adult men taking the lead in being respectful of themselves.

They need to see strong adult men taking the lead in standing up straight, being unbowed to the pressures of a world that wants them to deny their God-given purpose.

They need to see strong adult men living in harmony with the way God created them, not in rebellion against it, which only leads to destruction.

They need to see strong adult men taking the lead in forgoing the lusts and pleasures of this world in favor of seeking and fulfilling their callings, which will bring far more blessings and true riches than what the world may promise.

They need to see strong adult men not leaving their callings unfulfilled, leaving them for another to fulfill on their behalf.

They instead need to see strong adult men leading lives of purpose and joy.

So men, it is time to be strong, loyal, and loving.

Treat women with respect.

Walk with your head held up high and your back straight. Your posture and how you present yourself to the world matters. Others pick up on your cues. Project strength and honor, then watch others follow.

Be physically strong so you are useful to those around you. Your bodies were designed for strength for a purpose and the world around you needs you to fulfill your purpose. So do not leave this part of your calling unfulfilled.

The realization of an unfulfilled calling can be devastating, so do the best you can to not leave any of your potential dormant.

Dress with respect for yourself. Wear clothes that fit and do not instead look to adornments to express your identity. Show young men what it means to be strong in yourself, not needing the trappings of fashion or adornments to give you identity and expression, which is rooted in insecurity. A strong and secure man is his own calling card.

Be a wise and responsible steward of your finances. Secure them and grow them. Make your financial situation a pillar of strength for your family and household, so they feel safe in their futures.

Love your children. Speak to them and teach them with love and respect knowing that you were once in their shoes. Then set them on their way to fulfill their own callings. You have been given authority over them, but you also must continually earn it in order for it to be effective.

And if you do not have children, know that someone else’s sees you and how you present yourself could be setting an example, just as you had examples set for you when you were a child.

Above all, knowing that you alone are not capable of fulfilling your purpose, have faith in God so He will work out His promise in you. The dustbin of history is littered with those who have tried on their own and failed, those who fought and struggled through their entire lives without ever accepting the known secret that only He can fulfill your promise. Rest easy in His promise to fulfill all of His promises for you, just as Abraham did.

“And he believed in the Lord, and He accounted it to him for righteousness.” – Genesis 15:6 (emphasis mine)

Notice Abraham was not counted righteous for his works, which on his own surely would fall short. He was counted righteous for his faith, upon which stood all his righteous works.

Women, you can easily apply this list to yourselves as well. But today I address this to men as a fellow man who sees too many leaving their potential untapped and responsibilities unfulfilled, leading to a younger generation desperate for a foundation, meaning, purpose, and hope.

So commit yourself to those things which are good and watch your life bloom in ways you could not imagine.

“…with God, all things are possible.” – Matthew 19:26

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