2018 Year in Review

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It’s been an amazing year here at PursuitofGreat.com and SO MUCH of that is thanks to YOU!

Pursuit of Great was just launched in July and already 38 articles have been shared that can help change people’s lives for the greater.

This year we’ve learned:

How you can use a simple tool in “The Five Minute Rule” to increase your productivity with very little effort or willpower,

How to start out on the road to wealth and financial independence,

How changing your mindset from pursuing goals to creating systems can take you farther than you could have ever imagined,

How coconut oil can be used as a weight loss tool,

How coconut water can help solve high blood pressure,

How the power of the tongue through affirmations can impact your life,

How the “blue zone” diets are constructed and what you can take from them to benefit your own life,

How adding wheatgrass juice to your daily routine can enhance your health in amazing ways,

How to get all the benefits of walking for fitness even if you have no time,

How you can begin to build more confidence and self-esteem very simply,

How matcha green tea can aid in weight loss and possibly help prevent a laundry list of ailments, including cancer,

How you can use turmeric to help fight and prevent cancer AND

How you can use turmeric to relieve depression,

How you can boost your performance naturally with beetroot juice,

How green tea can help in the prevention of colorectal cancer,

How spirulina has been shown to possibly prevent cancer,

How urinary tract infections may be preventable with just fruit juice and probiotics,

How apples have shown the potential to prevent or fight cancer,

How moringa oleifera has shown the potential to lower blood sugar when consumed orally AND

How moringa has been shown to reduce wrinkles when used in a skin cream,


Thank YOU for your support!

Things are just getting started here at PursuitOfGreat.com and I am so grateful for all of our amazing readers.

You all have been a HUGE part of such an amazing year here at Pursuit of Great.

And thank you to all who have financially supported this mission by purchasing products that are promoted on this site.

Here’s to an even greater 2019!

I will continue to look for all the gems that you can use to make your life greater, as well as any other life tips that have been proven to be effective, or at least that have the potential to be.

We can create a great year and a great life, and we do not have to do it alone. We can share all the tools that help us achieve that greatness, and PursuitOfGreat.com will be here to continue to do so.

Many thanks to you all and here’s to a 2019 that is far greater than your wildest dreams!

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