Did you know you are shaping the world?

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You are an impactful person with a great responsibility.

Every word you speak, every act you take, affects not only yourself, but those immediately around you, and by extension those immediately around them.

Every word you speak to another human being affects them in some way.

If you speak a hurtful word, it hurts.


Speaking hatred toward another can make person fee physically hurt. It can affect their mind, their heart, their physicality in ways that are unseen.

Don’t believe me? Think about what happens when you feel anything on the extreme ends of emotions.

Love – how do you feel?

Maybe a little lighter on your feet? Some might say they feel like they are “flying”? Have you heard these before?

These are physical description of emotional states. And they exist because we actually feel them in our physical bodies.

How do you think your physical health is responding when you are feeling loved?

If what you are thinking is true, how do you think your physical health is responding when you love others?

The way you speak to others and treat them has this incredible impact physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

If you build up someone’s mental/emotional state, what might they do with their life?

Good? Reach for success? Build others up as well?

You can have that kind of an impact.

No matter what you do, there is a ripple effect.

The energy you share with others affects those around them and it affects those around you.

You carry that energy with you and it spreads from you to those around you.

You are a powerful person with the ability to do GREAT good in life, stretching beyond those you can see to quite literally around the world and back.

The ripple effect is huge and, with the advent of social media, virtually weaponized.

So, are you doing a good job?

It doesn’t matter what the answer is. We all can do better.

I know I’m going to keep trying harder.

Let’s all do it together.

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  1. Great reminder – each and every one of us is making a global difference on a local level!

  2. Pursuit of Great

    Yes! Extremely well stated! Thanks for checking it out, Beth!

  3. We are indeed shaping the world with our every word, which is why it is so important to be mindful of what we say and do. I do the best I can in being positive and sharing love and happiness with everyone I meet. One never knows how far one small act of kindness will go with another human soul.

  4. Pursuit of Great

    You got it, Jaya! And sometimes it’s the smallest acts that are extremely transformative. Little things really do have an impact. Thanks for checking out the article!

  5. Pursuit of Great

    Thank you, Alisa! So glad you liked it and so glad you visited!

  6. Pursuit of Great

    🙂 Thank you so much, Yaya! Just the motivation I need to start writing today.

    Hope all is well!

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