What’s It All For? Beauty and Pain.

What’s It All For Beauty and Pain.-1
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This is typically a happy-go-lucky, don’t-worry-be-happy kind of website.

And some readers may find that nauseating.

This one’s for you.

Fair warning, though. You may still not like it.

Read on anyway.

You see, I found myself thinking the other night about all the pain that sometimes builds over the course of people’s lives.

From loss of loved ones to broken relationships to all the different forms of pain and suffering people experience over the course of their lives.

No one has been spared thus far.

And I started to wonder what is it all for?

It seems all the important things in your life are almost bound to cause immeasurable pain in some way.

All the good relationships you have?

At some point they’re likely complicated (unless you’re really awesome at them) and sometimes you might wonder how you could have so royally screwed up.

How long will your grandparents be with you and will you spend most of your life without them?

How long will your parents be with you?

And, spoiler alert, but barring a miracle intervention…in the end…

the dog dies.

Please don’t let this post be such a downer!

So what’s it all for?

The In-Betweens

Life is life. You are not going to escape it.

Nor do you want to.

The reason there is so much pain in those things that cause it is because of the beauty that resides where pain does not.

And that is in-between “the pains”.

The reason the loss of a loved one, including the dog, hurts so much is because of the beauty those relationships bring when they’re here.

And that is where you are right now.

You are in-between the last pain you felt and the next one.

And hopefully there is a miracle intervention that prevents that pain from ever occurring. And that might happen.

But in the meantime, you’re in the midst of it.

So don’t miss out on it.

It’s what it’s all for.

Embrace it. Make the most of it. Squeeze every smile you can out of it.

Live in peace. Live in love. Live in the hope that we’ll find a way through to avoid all the pain.

But in the meantime, don’t forget why it’s all so painful in the first place.

It’s painful because of its beauty.

And you’re in the midst of beauty right now.

So don’t miss out on it.

Be grateful for it.

And make it as beautiful as you can.

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