URGENT prophetic alert! Is famine coming?

URGENT prophetic alert! Is famine coming
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Please use your discernment when processing the following prophetic word from Veronika West, found at His Kingdom Prophecy.

Following is the word in its entirety with my commentary proceeding:

So friends, I humbly come to you today with a powerful Vision and Word that The LORD spoke to me this morning.

I heard these Words, ”Watch! Pray and be prepared, for a great Famine draws near to The Nations of the earth.

But watch! Fear not, for I have prepared the fat for those who walk in The Spirit of The Fear of The LORD.

See! For My Harvest Sickle shall fly, and My Sword of Justice shall fall.

Yes! My Sickle now flies in the midst of mighty whirlwind of My Seven Spirits upon the fields that are ripe for Harvest, and The Sword My Justice now falls upon the land, to bring destruction to the kingdoms of darkness.

I say, Look! For in the midst of a great Famine that is coming to the land, the fat of My Goodness and Mercy shall flow forth like thick oil upon The Nations that have come to the Altar in Consecration and Repentance.

Oh! Watch and pray! Listen! For the sound of the hooves of a galloping horses heralds a great Famine that is coming to the fields of the earth.

But listen, for the sound of the cries of a Remnant Army now rises from The Valley of Decision.

Watch! Two altars are rising, and a great Spiritual Showdown is now taking place.

I say, choose this day whom you will serve! For one will sit in the field of famine while the other will sit at a Banqueting Table feasting on the fat!”

Friends as I heard these Words, The Spirit of Revelation caught me up in The Realm of The Spirit over The Nations, and a powerful Vision came up before me.

As I watched the Vision begin to unfold, I saw an Archangel of The LORD appearing over The Nations, and in the distance, I saw a Pale Green Horse galloping towards the Archangel of The LORD.

Then I saw The Archangel lift up a Sword in one hand, and a Harvest Sickle in the other, and I heard these Words, “The Season of The Sword and The Sickle has begun….”

As those Words echoed loudly in the realm of The Spirit, suddenly I saw again the Rider on the Pale Green Horse move towards The Archangel like a bolt of lightning, and at that moment, The Archangel of The LORD covered me with his Wings, so that my eyes could not look upon the Rider.

Then I heard these Words, ”They were given Power over one fourth of the earth….”

On hearing those Words, while still hidden under the Wings of the mighty Archangel who held The Sword and The Sickle, I suddenly looked up and I saw that The Archangel no longer held The Sword or The Sickle in his hands, but the Rider on the Pale Green Horse now held The Sword in his left hand, and the Sickle in his right.

I watched as the Rider on the Pale Horse moved with great power towards The Nations.

Suddenly I came out of the Vision, and I was praying loudly in the Spirit. As I cried out to The LORD, The Spirit of Revelation whispered, ”It’s time!”

As I heard those Words, The Spirit of The LORD came upon me and I began to weep for The Nations.

Now after The Spirit had prayed through me, it was immediately quickened to me a powerful Vision I had in 2016, and I heard these words, “I stand over My Word to perform it, for the time of Prophetic Fulfillment now draws near….”

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My commentary:

For those unaware, the reference to the pale green horse is a direct reference to one of what are more commonly referred to as the four horsemen of the apocalypse prophesied in the Book of Revelation, specifically Revelation 6:8, which reads:

“So I looked, and behold, a pale horse. And the name of him who sat on it was Death, and Hades followed with him. And power was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, with hunger, with death, and by the beasts of the earth.”

Not insignificant stuff. This is about as heavy as it gets.

As with any prediction, both outcomes should be weighed when determining how you should respond. Meaning, if you respond in kind to the prediction, what will happen if the prediction comes true, and what will happen if it does not.

In this case, if this prediction comes true and you have responded by preparing yourself and your household for famine, you will have food to eat.

If this prediction does not come true and you have responded by preparing yourself and your household for famine, you will have some extra food to eat.

This is an easy one, folks.

The time to start preparing for famine was always yesterday so, if you haven’t started yet, the time is now.

Here is an article discussing ways to prepare that may fit right into your current lifestyle without breaking the bank.

And for much more information, please click this link for more preparation news.

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