The simplicity of cancer prevention

The simplicity of cancer prevention
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We spend a lot of time looking and yearning for novel ways to prevent or treat cancer, oftentimes feeling helpless against the disease famous for having no cure.

If you’ve been here before, however, you know that we do not yearn for the power to improve our health.

We take it back.

And to that end, perhaps we should not be surprised to find scientific research has found that combining three simple and cost-effective at-home modalities was shown to reduce the risk of cancer in elderly study participants by 61 percent!

That is a massive decrease in risk that is right now in the power of your own hands.

Published in the journal Frontiers in Aging in April 2022, researchers from across the western world collaborated to conduct a double-blind, randomized-controlled study over five years and discovered that their study participants who took 2000 IU of vitamin D along with one gram of marine omega-3s per day and combined that with a simple at-home exercise program had a 61 percent reduction of risk of invasive cancers compared to the control group.

How much simpler can taking your power back to prevent cancer be than that?

Vitamin D and omega 3 supplements are among the most widely found supplements on the market today. Both are found at major grocery store chains in addition to more specialty-focused vitamin and supplement outlets.

And it goes without saying that a simple at-home exercise program can be as free as you want it to be. In the case of this study, the researchers assigned their participants to what they call SHEP (simple home exercise program) and indeed it is simple.

The program consisted of five exercises, three using body weight and two using elastic bands, which can be purchased at Target or Wal-Mart very inexpensively. See below:

The SHEP exercise program assigned to study participants.

Putting three simple modalities together, which should all be on our watch list of things we should consider doing anyway, and seeing a massive reduction in the risk of cancer should be front page news.

So take a look at the study results for yourself, discuss them with your licensed healthcare practitioner to see if you should implement anything based on the results or what you read here on this website, and keep taking your power back.

You have the power, Use it wisely!

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