Why Should You Take a Green Superfood Juice Supplement?

Why Should You Take a Green Superfood Juice Supplement
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As if the term “superfood” isn’t thrown around enough these days, I’m going to toss it around a little bit more.

First of all, let’s set the record straight.

Not all foods are superfoods.

I remember when it took a whole lot for a food to be labelled a superfood, unofficial a designation as it was. It wasn’t even all that long ago. We’re talking just a few years ago.

But nowadays, it seems like just being a whole food gives a food “superfood” star status all of the sudden.

I’ve even seen potatoes claimed as a superfood recently.

I love you, potatoes. You’re great. You make my life better when you’re cut up into strips and fried. Or into even smaller strips and fired. You may be a super food, but you’re not a superfood.

Perhaps this new inkling to mint more and more foods as superfoods says more about the state of modern food than it does the shifting definition of superfoods, but regardless, we’re talking about a different level of superfood in this article.

What is a superfood then?

A good rule of thumb is, if they haven’t yet begun selling a food in a concentrated pill form, it’s probably just a food, not a superfood.

Let me know when you see potato pills in the supplement aisle.

We are talking about a kind of superfood that is not very common, is a little hard to find, is not known as a medicinal herb, and really does come with highly concentrated nutrients and unique properties.

That means we’re not talking about apples and pears here, no offense to two of my favorites.

Have you ever had the pears from a Harry & David gift set, though? Like candy.

Even though foods like apples have been show to potentially lower the risk of cancer or reduce risk of death due to cardiovascular disease and pears have even shown a potential association between consuming them and a lower risk of death, when we talk about a superfood supplement, we are talking about foods that have similar potential but with a broader range of nutrients and phytochemicals.

We are talking about foods that are harder to find in the produce aisle. And that will save you from the massive amounts of consumption you’d have to engage in should you happen to actually buy enough foods in the produce aisle to match their nutrient profile.

With grocery bills as high as they are and given the fact you probably don’t want to spend your entire day chomping down fruits and vegetables until your jaw goes numb and just hangs from your face making you look like you’re in a constant state of shock, a superfood supplement is probably a great idea.

What is the best way to use a green superfood supplement?

The word “supplement” is the key word here to remember.

You may want to run for the hills if you hear someone touting a superfood supplement as the be-all-end-all for your health needs.

Superfood supplements are always great, but if you are not taking care of the basics, like drinking enough water and cutting out destructive foods like sugar, they shift from the “health-supercharging” end of the spectrum closer to the “lipstick-on-a-pig” end of the spectrum.

So taking a superfood supplement is always great. But if you want your superfood supplement to stop playing defense, trying to make up for damage being done by other bad habits, and instead go on offense and start supercharging your health and wellness, definitely take care of those basics first.

Drink enough water. Cut out sugar and as many non-food-type chemicals as possible. And move.

There you have it. Pretty simple foundation.

Once you’ve taken care of that and your cells are properly hydrated and ready to function without the impediment of dehydration and you no longer have the bombardment of damaging sugar and nasty, barely-fit-for-consumption chemicals to contend with, you are primed and ready to go.

Now enter a good green superfood juice powder.

A good green superfood supplement can provide you with amazing, wide spectrum, highly concentrated forms of bioavailable minerals, nutrients, and phytochemicals in an easy to take and easy to assimilate package, without having to scour the specialty foods market for every last exotic health food you can never find.

A good green superfood supplement does exactly what it says it will do: supplement your otherwise healthy diet. It can help you fill in the gaps from your daily diet and give your newly primed cells super-nutrition to not only function well, but to function more than well.

A good superfood supplement, in my view, should always start with some green superfoods at its base. Foods like wheatgrass and/or other grasses, blue-green algaes like chlorella or spirulina, and the like.


Green superfoods are loaded with, among many other things, chlorophyll. Now we know chlorophyll is the life blood of plants but you, as you know, are not in fact a plant. So why should you care?

Did you know that chlorophyll is only one molecule different from our own blood?

That’s right. Now we’re getting into hypothesis territory here, so don’t look for a study to back this up. But if our health lies so much in the health of our blood, wouldn’t it make sense to feed our bodies the purest building blocks our blood cells need?

I think that makes sense, which is why I take a green superfood supplement every day.

The superfood market has exploded in recent years, so there are more than enough quality choices for you. My personal go-to green superfood juice powder is Organifi Green Juice. To help you better understand the power of green superfood juice powders, Organifi Green Juice’s formulation in particular, I wrote an extensive review of its ingredients, claims, and scientific backing several years ago.

You can read that review by clicking here.

Many of the ingredients reviewed are present in other green superfood juice powder formulations, so even if you take something else, hopefully there is some value in the work presented.

Are green superfood juice powders necessary, given their cost?

Now there can be some sticker shock when you see those $60, $70 price tags on a bottle of a green superfood drink supplement at the store or online. I’ve been taking mine for years and it still gives me pause. But, if those $60 or $70 expenditures buy you a month or two of superfood power and help you achieve the health and confidence you want, the costs start to come way down.

Especially when compared to what the astronomical costs finding enough comparable foods in the produce aisle would amount to. And the fact that the list of foods would be so long, you would basically do nothing but chewing plants in between trips to the grocery store.

So check out the market for yourself. I personally love Organifi. It does not taste like what you might think a green superfood juice would taste like. It has a sweet-but-not-overly-sweet, somewhat minty flavor that goes down smooth. There are of course other options, though, so check things out for yourself.

You’ll probably be amazed, especially if you saw what the market was like as recently as just five years ago.

Achieving the utmost in personal health does not have to be complicated or out of reach. If your budget is not in position for an extra $60 or $70 a month for a green superfood supplement, don’t sweat it. As long as you’re taking care of the basics, keeping the bad stuff out and building some good habits like drinking enough water, eating whole foods, and moving, you are priming yourself for success and have won a huge part of the battle already.

Maybe even most of it.

A superfood supplement is just there to take you to the next level, but you can thrive without one too.

Do you drink a green superfood drink as part of your routine? What is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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