What I Learned Being Censored on Social Media

social media censorship
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Update: After six long months of rejections and perseverance, Pinterest has acknowledged they banned my account in error and reinstated it. The lessons learned still apply and are as important as ever.


The word of the day is adapt.


Let me tell you.

Right now you are on a health and wellness website. One of many strewn about the web, but this one is a little different.

You see, here you don’t find any articles about so-called “miracle cures” or surefire ways to “blast away belly fat forever with this simple drink” or nonsense like that.

No, you see, that is clickbait and it is frowned upon here.

Instead, I’ve made it my mission to test all my theories and hypotheses in the pursuit of truth. And when I write about a scientific study, I force myself to never cherry pick the results that support any ideology I might have.

Instead, I look for the flaws. And if I see them, I tell you about them.

If a study needs to be replicated to prove its results, I tell you that (often).

And I always, ALWAYS, encourage everyone to speak with licensed health professionals before doing anything.

In other words, no clickbait spam silliness here.

Why do I tell you this?

Well, it seems Pinterest dares to differ.

They permanently suspended me today.

Now, I’m a pretty non-offensive guy. (I can be, just like anyone else, but I go to pretty great lengths to avoid that. This site is here for everybody, to help give power to the powerless, to the disenfranchised, to those not born into privilege, but to help them create their own.

So I stay away from offensive stuff whenever possible. Unless it helps the mission, but it usually does not.

Instead, I write recaps of scientific studies that readers might be able to apply to their own lives. To make their own lives greater.

That means you are more likely to see me write about apples than elderberries.

No offense to elderberries.

I also write motivational articles on exactly how anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can utilize techniques, mindset, etc. to make their own lives greater. Sometimes, to even make all of society better.

See here and here.

Pinterest, however, apparently thought my particular brand of wellness was an existential threat to their users in search of ideas on how to reorganize their closets or how to turn unused scraps and knick knacks into delightful Christmas ornaments.

I guess you’re all safe now!

So why, might you ask, am I not very bothered by this?

Trust me, I was.

Stunned is probably a better word.

You see, I had really gotten a hang of Pinterest. I took a great course, applied the techniques I learned, and traffic was growing by the day!

In fact, I was trending to have my biggest month ever!

I was thinking about how I could continue to expand, perhaps market some affiliate products, apply to higher paying ad services, and even the be-all end-all…

Quit my job!

Then it all stopped.

With just one flip of Pinterest’s switch.


Me, of all people. Trying to help everyone and setting ideology aside to report truthfully.

Believe me. I’m a former vegan who now eats plenty of meat. Ideology has an uphill climb to have any hope of settling in with me.

So why am I not furious?

Better still, why am I more EXCITED now than ever?

Again, I was bothered. On one level, it’s always bothersome to be accused of being something you are not.

I have spammed nobody and presented no fraudulent or misleading claims on this site.

Go ahead and look.

If I had, I probably would have made a lot more money by now. As it stands, I haven’t even made enough for Google to cut me a check!

So I appealed.

We’ll see what happens there, but the fact of the matter is once I did that, I arrived at a crossroads.

A crossroads where years of mindset work would either prove itself effective or prove me in need.

When a lot of people see the project they’ve been working on for a year and a half whittled away by someone else’s finger, they might feel hopeless.

A giant corporation that seemingly holds your future in its hands says “no, you have not been chosen.”

Who could blame someone for feeling that way? I certainly wouldn’t.

But I actually felt differently.

I immediately saw opportunities to to improve SEO so I am not reliant on one source of traffic.

But things didn’t stop there.

My mind then started to percolate. It started bringing me back to all the ideas I’ve had since I started this journey.

More fitness work, more real-life examples, getting into videos, Instagram, the whole lot.

Getting to know a lot of YOU better as well and really contributing to growing this health and wellness community.

And having FUN doing it!

For some reason, call me crazy if you want to, I suddenly saw much BIGGER traffic numbers in my future. I saw a more engaged and excited audience in my future. I saw affiliate sales and ad revenue in my future. I saw my online businesses providing enough income to enable me to quit my job in my future.

And all this because I lost virtually my only source of traffic?


Time to adapt!

No one can keep you down!

All this will only accelerate my growth and evolution into bigger and better things, it turns out.

Developing a positive, growth mindset is really helping me out now.

You see, health research was just the beginning for me anyway. A way to get my feet wet.

And it has been great. So great that I may continue to do it from time to time.

But I’m going to adapt.

The giant corporation may have had its foot on my neck today, but they don’t realize that any time that happens, I’m just morphing into something that they can’t hope to hold underneath their foot anymore.

That is why this will accelerate my growth into a bigger and better, more inspirational lifestyle BRAND.

And likely a more profitable one to boot.

From now on, you can expect to see more of me, not less. I’ll find the lifestyle elements that lead to greatness and show them to you.

The mission is still the same. The only difference is now you will get more actionable inspiration out of me.

Which will equate to better results for everyone.

That was always the goal, but it has now been spurred on at a time when things could have went screaming the wrong way.

Hopefully Pinterest comes to their senses and fixes their mistake. They have a lot of amazing users in search of great information that can help their lives.

But no matter what they do, they cannot prevent me from reaching my own greatness.

They can only spur me on to more.

You see, that’s the evidence of mindset growth.

So remember that.

Nobody can keep their foot on your neck.

If you ever find yourself in that position, perhaps that is your sign that you’ve been stagnating and it’s your time to grow and evolve.

And that if you do, no one can hold you down.

Not even a giant corporation that seemingly controls the game.

But the choice is yours.

I’ve made mine.

What will yours be?

Enjoy what you found here today?

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  1. I love this idea of adapting when something doesn’t go the way you planned of working out how you can improve

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