Is This the Simplest Weight Loss Strategy?

Is the Simplest Weight Loss Strategy Ever Staring You in the Face_
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The search for the miracle weight loss plan continues as you read this.

Sometimes, though, the answers are simpler than you think.

In this case research indicates there is a weight loss technique so simple and so effective that we can all apply today, with little planning, little effort, and little willpower.

Drink water.

Researchers studied the total caloric intake among 29 randomly assigned men and women who consumed a pizza lunch, but with different beverages.

Some with calories, like milk, orange juice, and cola, and some without, like water.

For those wondering if calories fill you up regardless of their source, keep reading.

The researchers, whose work was published in the journal Appetite in June 2013, found that the amount of pizza consumed by the participants was similar regardless of the beverage consumed.

Meaning, the added calories from the beverage did not provide additional satiety.

They simply added to the caloric intake from the meal.

How many calories can you safely reduce from your diet by simply not consuming them in beverage form at meals?

Considering caloric beverages do not appear to help people feel fuller, eliminating them should be quite easy and they wouldn’t be missed.

Unless they are a major source of nutrients in your diet.

If they are soda, though, that’s likely not the case.

So, while you continue the search for the miracle weight loss plan, perhaps in the meantime you can take the easy wins:

Drink water with meals instead of sugary drinks.

Eat whole foods that are nutrient-dense and help you feel fuller, longer (see eggs for instance).

And, most importantly, always talk to your doctor to determine the diet that is right for you. Contrary to what many people selling products on the Internet say, there is no one-size-fits-all diet.

Remember, you are a special and valuable person. Your health and well-being matters. Act like it!


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