Top 5 Simple Weight Loss Tips Anyone Can Use Right Now. No Budget or Willpower Needed.

Top 5 Weight Loss Tips Anyone Can Do. Right. Now.
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For many who need to lose weight, it can be a real struggle.

From restrictive diets that make you miserable and are sure to fail over time to gimmicky fads that are sure to do the same, the choices we are fed are often too unrealistic or ineffective.

And sometimes just plain unwise.

Fortunately, scientific research has uncovered some simple and accessible ideas that anyone can incorporate into their lives right now.

These are ideas that won’t leave you feeling starved, oppressed, unable to socialize, and do not demand superhuman willpower.

They are easily accessible, can fit into your life today, and you may even enjoy them!

Let’s get started.

#1: Reduce processed foods

Reducing the amount of processed foods we eat seems like an easy call in terms of our overall health, but could it have any impact on weight gain or weight loss?

In a study published in the journal Cell Metabolism in 2019, researchers found that participants assigned to eat an ultra-processed diet consumed 508 more calories per day than the participants eating an unprocessed diet when no consumption restrictions were placed on either group.

This does not mean some processed foods cannot be good for you. Some are made exceptionally well with great benefits. I eat some myself, like an amino acid drink and the occasional protein bar. But it does give caution that, on the whole, it appears that people who eat a lot of processed foods may, for whatever reason, end up eating more in general.

For a more detailed analysis, click here.

#2: More protein. Less carbs

We may love carbs, but how much do they love us back?

In a comparison between low-fat and low-carb diets for weight loss, researchers from University Hospital Basel in Switzerland found their low-carb participants lost more weight than their low-fat participants, to the tune of 7.28 pounds.

More on that here.

Another study out of Arizona State University found its study participants eating a high-protein diet to average about double the level of postprandial thermogenesis (burning calories after a meal) than did those who ate a high-carb diet.

More on that here.

And researchers from Duke University also found study participants in a 2019 study to experience increased weight loss with increased protein consumption compared to those who ate a traditional weight loss diet.

More on that here.

Now that does not mean that carbs are your enemy. In fact, there are plenty of good and healthy ones that might be appropriate for you. For instance, I eat plenty of rice and it works really well for me. But skimping on protein or fat may not necessarily be the most suitable weight loss plan.

We’re all unique, though, and science is always moving, so talk to your doctor.

And, if you are looking for a high-protein, low-carb superfood that also adds its own weight loss benefits to the mix, you might be interested in #3.

#3: The incredible, edible, satiating egg!

One of the biggest roadblocks when dieting is hunger.

Many diets rely on restricting consumption, which makes sense when done properly and safely.

But the problem with restriction is that it is not often done with an eye toward keeping you satiated and nourished.

Enter the egg.

Already a nutritional powerhouse packed with protein, fats, choline, and more, eggs were found to help study participants in research conducted by researchers from Saint Louis University feel fuller and consume fewer calories a full 36 hours after eating them for breakfast.

Not bad!

A way to feel fuller and consume fewer calories while nourishing ourselves is the gold standard for those trying to cut back on calories and is one more reason eggs are one of the premier superfoods on the planet.

Click here to read my analysis of that study.

#4: Intermittent fasting

Plenty of scientific research has been conducted as to the potential of intermittent fasting (consuming all your meals within a maximum eight-hour period each day) on weight loss.

The news is pretty good.

One review of 27 studies found intermittent fasting resulted in weight loss of 0.8% to 13.0% among overweight and obese participants.

Pretty good stuff.

You can read my analysis of that particular review here.

You can also click here for some advice on an easy method to introduce intermittent fasting into your lifestyle while barely having to use any willpower at all.

#5: Drink more water!

Seems simple enough, but do enough of us practice this?

Researchers from the University of Toronto studied how much pizza their participants would eat at lunch given the beverage they consumed, whether it had calories like milk, soda, or orange juice do, or whether it was calorie-free, like water.

They found that the beverage consumed had zero impact on the amount of pizza the participants ate. Meaning, if the beverage had calories, it did nothing to reduce the intake of food. It just piled on some more calories on top of what they were already ate.

Hope that drink was good.

Switching to water would have easily saved them some caloric intake without impacting the amount of food they ate at all.

An easy win.

You can read more of my analysis of that study here.

Out-of-Left-Field Bonus: Spice it up with some cumin!

Did you know that research has shown that eating the spice cumin can even have a positive impact on weight loss?

Who would’ve thought that?

But it is true.

Click here for more information from my analysis of a study conducted in Iran that showed participants taking a cumin capsule achieved more weight loss than those taking a placebo.

While there may be a limit to how much you can or should utilize cumin as a weight loss tool (might not want to overdo it), it is one of the most delicious spices in my book. So it gets a special mention here.

Be safe and be great!

I hope you found this list helpful. This is just a sampling of the information the scientific community has published on weight loss. If you’re looking to lose weight, ask your doctor about these studies and see if any of them are safe or appropriate to be incorporated into your diet and lifestyle plan. Remember, we’re all unique and all-or-nothing types of diets are rarely the best way to go about things. Balance is best.

If you’ve tried any unique, easy, and safe ways to lose weight or would like to see more lists like this one, please let me know in the comments below.

Here’s to your being great!

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