Tim Ferriss’s The 4-Hour Workweek – Review

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The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss is a treasure trove of ideas for entrepreneurs and the employed alike.  Ferriss takes you behind the scenes into his professional story of how he has escaped the grind, started living life while working less, all the while supercharging his income in the process.


Profit Alone Is Not Enough

Ferriss’s business endeavors have made him a pretty penny over the years, but they were not always enjoyable or sustainable, nor always big income producers despite putting in non-stop work.  Through years of trial and error, he recognized where he was placing too much of his own efforts for too little relative value in return and discovered where those efforts could be outsourced.  He even learned how to structure his remaining value-producing efforts into systems that maximized every second spent on them.  By doing so, the number of seconds he needed to spend on them became less and less and he became more and more able to live the life he wanted.


Something For Everyone

Whether you are an entrepreneur or working for someone else, there are plenty of tips and systems for you to use to better your own experience.  For me, taking the appropriate tips and implementing them in my job has made me more productive with less mental strain, and therefore a happier person.  As an aspiring entrepreneur as well, I can take these new systems forward to maximize the value of my time spent on additional projects.  Additionally, the reduction in mental strain has freed up valuable resources to pursue goals and grow.

By applying the fundamentals behind Ferriss’s email handling system to my own emails and other projects, I was able to absorb a coworker’s entire job for over four months while on leave without having to put in any overtime.  Ferriss describes this system in great detail in his book so I won’t spoil it here.



Time is our greatest resource and possibly the biggest gift one receives from financial independence and early retirement.  More time and flexibility are what most of us are fighting for.  This book helps its readers use time more wisely and with greater potential for profit.  Whether you have a job, your own business or looking to start one, there are tips in here for everyone.  Even if there are only one or two, those can be real game-changers and the rest of the book can help spur creative and motivational thought, which is what I love about books like these.  Ferriss has hit the nail on the head and has lent a great deal of education to the “New Rich” concept.

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