Revealing the Value: The Power of Gratitude

Revealing the Value The Power of Gratitude
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I’ve written often on this site about the power of gratitude and, in particular, being grateful for the little things.

Much discussion on the topic of gratitude focuses on future events, future accomplishments, and future achievements.

It is used to try to “attract” those good things into your life, whether it is a new relationship, new job, new car, new wealth, you name it.

This applies whether you are looking at it from a law of attraction perspective or a mindset-adjusting perspective.

Either way, these techniques and ideas are very effective in shifting your mindset and redirecting your course to the things you desire in life.

So why do I focus on the little things so much when there are so many big things on the table?

Because there is great power in the little things, which are actually not so little at all.

Let’s explore why.

Part of what makes the practice of gratitude so effective is its power to shift your mindset.

When you actively state your gratitude for something, some powerful things happen.

First of all, that something becomes real to you in your mind.

Whereas previously you may have doubted it about yourself or your future, by actively practicing gratitude for it it becomes real.

You can feel it.

And once it becomes real, you can begin to appreciate its true value. It is no longer an abstract concept in your mind – just something you imagine. It becomes tangible, something you can almost sense or feel with your senses, or at least in your mind’s eye.

The question then becomes, how can we reach a point where our practice of gratitude can become most effective in order to truly feel that value, that realness, and start to make these things a reality in our lives?

The answer is by starting with the little things.

The things we take for granted.

In my practice, I like to pick times at random throughout the day and look around wherever I am.

For example, just prior to sitting down to write this article, I was sitting in my bedroom.

I looked around at the items immediately surrounding me and started proclaiming my gratitude for them, in my mind.

(Not that I endorse too much self-consciousness, but please do not do this out loud. You will sound like a weirdo.)

I was proclaiming gratitude for items that would otherwise go unnoticed, underappreciated, and taken for granted under most circumstances.

A pair of shoes, a pair of dumbbells, a dresser, a bed, and carpet.

For each one, I stated in my mind “I am so grateful for (fill in the blank).”

And what happened?

Each time I did this, without trying, the value of each of these items was “revealed” to me.

I couldn’t suddenly understand the value they provide to me that I never think about otherwise. My eyes were opened and I didn’t take them for granted anymore.

I realized how important this carpet is and how much I truly appreciate it, even though I could probably make a case that it’s about time to replace it.

I realized how very special and important those dumbbells are to me. how important they are to my health, my physical well-being, my appearance, my psyche, and the list goes on.

Even though I use those dumbbells every day, these appreciations rarely occur to me.

Similar appreciation occurred for each of the other items on the list.

Each item is used every day, serves a great purpose, but are almost always overlooked.

By practicing gratitude for them, not only do I not overlook them, I appreciate them more, am inspired to get the most out of them (like the dumbbells), feel better about utilizing them, and as a result of all of these results I boost my mood, my energy, and my overall happiness.

Now the snowball effect ensues.

With my energy boosted, practicing gratitude for larger things becomes immensely easier.

Without practicing gratitude for the little things, it is monumentally more difficult to be grateful for the larger things as well.

Without this foundation, it is immensely challenging to have the right mindset, mood, and frame of mind to be grateful for the things you do not yet have but desire to. And then to ultimately to follow through on living the life required to achieve your desires.

But with the foundation of gratitude for the little things, your mindset is primed to go get those big things.

And appreciate them when they arrive.

Don’t take the little things for granted.

These are the seeds of your life, the seeds of your future. These little things are the big training ground for you to prepare yourself to achieve your desires in life.

Once you have that foundation, everything becomes easier to you. And to top it all off, you may find yourself enjoying where you are in the journey as well.

And if you want to reach your next goal, you have to appreciate where you are and how far you’ve come, with the humility to know there is so much more out in front of you.

I hope you enjoyed this today! Let me know in the comments below how practicing gratitude has impacted your life or, if you are just starting out, how it’s going for you so far!

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