Power Words: The Ultimate Affirmations Guide NOW AVAILABLE!

Power Words The New Mindset Book Coming November 1st!
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I am proud to officially announce the release of my first book, Power Words, now available for purchase.

Power Words unlocks the key to using affirmations to achieve the ultimate joy, success, and prosperity that you’ve always wanted. It contains the most important tactics, tips, and secrets I’ve used to retake control of my own mind and reclaim power over my own life.

Not only is everything you find in this book tested and true, you can get right to it as I’ve removed all the fluff and filler.

This book could easily be 100 or 200 pages long, but I’ve made it right to the point and actionable so you can get the most out of it (as I have) and start enjoying the benefits in your own life right away.

At just 50 pages and only $7.99, the cost and time you will have to spend is unnoticeable, but the benefits you will reap will benefit you your entire life.

I am that confident in it.

Need proof that the concepts in Power Words work?

My entire life I have struggled with focus and concentration. It has prevented me from seeing many projects through to completion. One of the reasons I started this website was so I could write articles in short form, as a means of working around that very concentration issue.

But by using the techniques I describe in Power Words, I have been able to rewire my mind to achieve more than I ever thought was possible.

Like writing my first book.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy Power Words as much as I do. And I hope the techniques I explain in Power Words help give you the life, success, joy, and prosperity you’ve always dreamed of.

As always, here’s to your being great!

Power Words – NOW AVAILABLE!

Power Words: The Ultimate Affirmations Guide to Achieve the Ultimate Joy, Success, and Prosperity!

Get it now for only $7.99 (paperback), just $4.99 (ebook) and absolutely FREE if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber!

Power Words

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  1. Congratulations 🎉

  2. Wow! Congratulations on writing your first book! That’s amazing! Our thoughts really are powerful- giving life or grief! Taking our power back isn’t always an easy process but the benefits are endless. God bless you for sharing. I pray nothing but the very best in your upcoming years!

  3. Thank you, Holly! You are right, it takes work and perseverance, but the benefits really are endless. Thank you and God bless you and yours too!

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