The Power of Belief, Part Four: How to Rewire Your Mind for Belief with Expectation

The Power of Belief, Part Four_ How to Rewire Your Mind for Belief with Expectation
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Last but not least in our series on The Power of Belief is a very interesting and somewhat unexpected addition to the mind rewiring vocabulary.


This one is really interesting to me.

When it comes to belief, concepts like affirmations and gratitude easily jump to the front of your mind. But the concept of expectation surprised me when I came to the realization.

In reality, though, it should have come as no surprise.

Expectation itself is a form of belief.

You can’t expect something to happen if you don’t believe it will happen. It’s built in.

Without expectation, you only hope something will come to be. But you don’t necessarily believe it will come to be.

When you expect, you believe.

The two go hand in hand and using the word “expect” in your affirmation and mindset practice can add a considerable amount of power to your thoughts and belief.

The added bonus expectation has, maybe even more so than concepts like gratitude, is a unique extra boost of confidence your belief receives.

Somebody in a position of strength or power expects something to be done for him or her.

They believe something is theirs and they expect to have it.

And if it doens’t come to pass? Well then they will find a way for it to come to pass.

That’s shoulders-back, head-held-high confidence and power.


If you can cultivate positive expectation, you can go a long way in rewiring your mind for belief, maybe even to the point where it becomes second-nature.

So try adding some expectation to your affirmation and mindset practice.

“I expect to have success.”

“I expect victory.”

“I expect financial wellbeing.”

And so on.

I feel more powerful just typing these out.

Give them a try and see how they feel. As you see, they don’t take long.

And remember, these are powerful ideas so always use your power for good!

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Stay consistent and watch your life change positively.

You have the power to decide what you believe.

So believe in the good and believe in you!

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