Personal Finance is Your Personal Responsibility

Personal Finance is Your Personal Responsibility
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We’ve been talking a lot lately about some of the ills that are currently plaguing our society and what we can do in our personal lives to overcome them and set us up for success in spite of them.

Like stocking up and combating inflation, for instance.

There is one vital topic we have yet to discuss, however, and that is protecting (and growing) your wealth in an environment where everybody’s wealth is being melted away by inflation.

Investing in assets.

Yes, you are allowed to hold assets.

Lots of them.

And more and more over time.

This is not something that is reserved for the elite, privileged few.

There are (and always have been) investment vehicles for everybody.

The stock market itself can be a great equalizer and for many over the years it has been.

So has real estate.

And the number of bitcoin millionaires (and billionaires) continues to grow every day.

Whatever is right for you, it’s out there.

But you have to do your homework.

This is your job. Nobody is going to swoop in and turn your savings into mountains of cash.

And if anybody offers that, it is likely they are looking to turn your savings into their mountains of cash, so beware.

Your personal finances are solidly in your own personal hands, and you can do a lot with them.

To that end, there is one must-read book that I recommend to everyone getting started.

You can also read the myriad choices of experts on the web, many of which are amazing, but without having the background knowledge it can be very hard to discern among them and even harder to apply the concepts you learn.

The must-read book that will help you make sense of it all and inspire you to grow your own wealth to greatness is Money: Master the Game, by Tony Robbins.

Yes, the best personal investing book I’ve seen was written by famous self-help expert Tony Robbins.

Which I guess makes sense. Not enough people think about growing their finances as self-help. Too often it is ignored as a part of our personal lives, resulting in people without financial power, financial wellbeing, forever beholden to their jobs and living without confidence, without power, in fear.

We need to break out of that and Tony’s book will help you do that.

Not only does it give insight into the investing habits of the world’s most accomplished investors (spoiler alert, they’re not as complicated as you think they are) but it also tells the stories of numerous people, who did not have high-paying jobs, safely and purposefully investing their way to millionaire status.

Never think “I don’t have enough money for that” or “I don’t make enough money for that” or “that’s only for rich people”.

Fortunately, we still live in a world where you can become wealthy even if you were not born into it, or if you don’t look like the people who are.

You can be whoever you want to be, and that does not stop at your finances.

Everything in your personal life can be changed for the better.

And if anybody tells you you can’t, feel empathy for that person and do not let them hold you down.

Reading Tony’s book will instill that confidence and belief in you, not using rah-rah speeches, but by giving solid applicable evidence anybody can use right away, with real-life stories from people just like you to back it up.

Remember, your personal finance is your personal responsibility. Nobody is going to take that responsibility for you.

And if you do delegate that responsibility to someone else, the only way you will know and can feel comfortable that they have your best interests at heart is if you do your homework and know what is going on yourself.

So, if you haven’t already, it’s beyond time you started doing your homework. The inflation train shows no signs of slowing in the near future and, even if it did, you still need to take responsibility.

Unless, of course, you want to be forced to work until your last breath, living paycheck to paycheck.

Inflation or not, that is not the way.

Click here to get copy of Tony’s amazing book.

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*As always, this article is not meant to give financial advice.  Past results are not a guarantee of future returns.  Everyone must do their own due diligence and determine the money managing and wealth building strategies that work best for them.  Information provided here is meant to provoke thoughts, not provide recommendations.  This is not personal legal or investment advice and may not be appropriate for all readers.  If personal advice is needed, readers should seek the services of a qualified legal, investment or tax professional.

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