Inflation Continues to Soar. What You Can Do.

Inflation Continues to Soar. What You Can Do.(1)
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The numbers are out and they are what we should have expected.

Last month we reported on the fact that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose at a ridiculous rate of 8.5%.

Since then, the “experts” have been predicting that year-over-year inflation will have peaked last month.

And, while they may end up being technically correct, that doesn’t mean that inflation will not continue to soar month after month after month, driving up the costs of everything you need to live, including food and shelter.

In the case of April 2022, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports inflation rose 8.3% year-over-year, higher than most analysts expectations of 8.1%.

Yes, that is down from 8.5% in March, but until a meaningful downward trend is established, all it means is that prices continue to go up at the ridiculous pace they have been all this time.

Food prices rose about an additional 1 percent month-over-month, which explains why your grocery bill continues to grow.

So what can you do?

I’ve been sounding the alarm here for quite some time now, and every time I wonder if time is running short for my traditional advice of stocking up a little bit every time you go to the store.

If you’ve followed that advice so far, you’re probably in much better shape right now and have saved a lot of money on staple foods with a long shelf life that will also provide for you in emergency situations in the event of food shortages.

(I hope that doesn’t happen, but worldwide fertilizer shortages aren’t exactly the best prognosticator of abundantly in the food aisles.)

The good news is there is still time. Hopefully plenty of it to get everyone up to speed, but with the way world events are turning, most of us just have no idea if things will turn quickly.

Better stated, we can probably assume events will turn relatively quickly, the question is how and in what position will that leave the world?

So let’s embrace the good news. We are still in an opportunity period to take care of our families. We can stock up on high quality, nutritious, long-lasting staple foods that are fortunately still inexpensive and delicious when prepared well with your own two hands.

Foods like:

  • Rice (cheap, great filler, but can cause undesirable spikes in blood sugar for some)
  • Tuna fish (excellent source of protein and essential fatty acids, plus most forms sold in stores are now wild caught)
  • Lentils (a superfood if there ever was one, great source of protein, inexpensive and available in bulk, plus a versatile flavored food that can be prepared in numerous ways as they take on the flavor of your seasonings extremely well. Also results in lower blood sugar spikes than many other carbs. Always consult your doctor on any dietary choices if you are diabetic or have blood sugar issues.)
  • And many, many others

We can easily stock these foods on any budget and without having to look for rare items at specialty stores. All of these are available on your weekly grocery trip and will be among the cheapest, but highest-quality, items you buy.

So never give up hope, and never give up your personal power.

You got this.

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