How to Determine What Policies to Support

How to Determine What Policies to Support
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Imagine you support a policy which demands everyone must either do something or have something done to them. It doesn’t matter what that policy is. You can fill in the blank with any policy you are considering.

Now imagine that policy is not being enforced by another person, such as a police officer or government agent, but it is being enforced by you. You have to carry out your policy with every person, whether they agree with what you are submitting them to or not.

You force the unwilling participant to be subjected to your policy choice against their will. You hold them down and force them into submission despite their cries and pleas, or perhaps you are the one holding the handcuffs to take them away if they don’t comply.

Later on, you find out that person was seriously hurt or worse as a result of your actions. Or perhaps new information has become available that has made your position obsolete.

They didn’t want what you forced on them, but you did so anyway and now they have suffered the consequences. Serious consequences.

Would you be able to take responsibility for what happened to them?

It is directly because of you after all.

Think about this whenever you support a policy that imposes itself upon others. It takes on a different tone when you are not distanced from the personal outcomes policies have on others, but rather you see your support as having a direct hand in those outcomes.

If you are not able to bear that responsibility, then it is likely you are not able to support such a policy that imposes your will onto another.

If you assess the risks and determine you are not able to bear the responsibility for any harm inflicted upon another by your policy support, it is likely time to determine the risks and mitigate them before implementing that policy.

If that cannot be done, it is time to rework the policy until it can.

Every policy put in place should be to the end of building up all those who fall under its provisions. If it directly harms one in the name of building up another, it is not good enough and it is time to find the better plan.

There is one.

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