Fashion Advice for Men – It Does Not Need to be Difficult!

Men's Fashion Advice
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Why not?  Here’s some stream of consciousness on fashion and its connection to mindset and life.

  1. Don’t wear clothes because you think they make you look cool. Be of the mindset that you make the clothes look cool.
  2. Whatever your style is, make sure the clothes fit.

You don’t need to rely on clothes to express your personality. Instead, focus on your personality and being the utmost of who you are and that will shine through, regardless of your style’s “calling card”. The fact that you wear well-fitting clothes will enhance you.

Your looks and fashion are your business card. You tell people a story with your choices, so make sure they don’t distract from you, but rather enhance you. If you wear clothes with words on them, make it short and sweet with a universal message that can’t be misconstrued. Don’t make people think more about what is written on your shirt than about you. Use your clothes to give you an opportunity, not turn people off.

When in doubt, if your fashion choices can ever be described as “timeless”, you’ve done well.

Wearing clothes that fit will make you feel good and comfortable, able to express yourself. So make sure they fit right and do not take away from yourself the opportunity to be you and shine. Remember, always enhance, never detract.

I’m no fashion maven, but I pay attention, which is probably a good place for many of us to be.

And before I go, hopefully this does not offend all the real fashion mavens out there, but here goes anyway:

You can do a lot of this at Target!

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