Change the Energy in Your Life Using Gratitude with this One, Easy Step!

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There are things you want in your life.

Maybe it’s money, or a new house, or a new partner or friend.

The list goes on.

But maybe you don’t have them now.

And you feel like it.

You walk around feeling like someone who lacks those things, and it affects your energy.

And you get stuck in that feeling, in that state.

This can lead to a lack of confidence, maybe some depression, and the like. All of which stand in your way of the things you want. A vicious circle.

So you hope for the things you want. You ask for them and hope for them, but you still don’t feel good because you are stuck in the negative energy of not having them.

How do you overcome this?

It’s time to become a electrician of humans and do some rewiring!

We are actually very flexible, malleable beings. We may have been programmed to think certain thoughts and feel certain emotions over the years by a number of intervening factors.

We are all programmed by something.

Perhaps your lists includes your parents, the TV you watched, the music you listened to, the idiot friends you had in school, etc.

You had some. That’s okay.

That’s a lot of influence to hammer repetition into your mind, create thought patterns resulting in emotions.

It’s an uphill battle and it’s not your fault.

But the good news is it is one that you can win.

Because you also have the ability to program yourself.

You are NOT powerless!

So here is a simple trick to get this done FAST.

First, pick something you don’t have, but want.

You could imagine having it if you want in an attempt to raise your energy in that area, and hopefully attract it into your life.

But let’s be honest, that can be hard.

It can be very hard if your mind is wired to think otherwise. In fact, it can be so hard it can be discouraging to even try more than once.

We are not going to settle for that, though.

And while it is possible to persevere through that discouragement, that old wiring can make it difficult to get into that state where you can imagine what you want as though you already have it, resulting in an increase in your energy and emotions surrounding that subject.

So let’s try a way around that and get right to the good stuff.

Here’s the trick.

Speak the following words in advance of the thing you earlier picked that you want but don’t have…yet:

“I am so grateful that I __________.”


I am so grateful that I am wealthy.

I am so grateful that I am fit.

I am so grateful that I am changed.

And you get the picture.

You will also notice that this “I am so grateful” statement is an addition to a traditional “I am” statement.

“I am” statements are absolutely wonderful and life-changing.

You will do yourself a massive favor by spending your time reciting positive “I am” statements to yourself.

However, if your mind is wired in the opposite direction, it can be difficult at first to truly believe the “I am” statement you are affirming.

Which can be discouraging and we’re not going for that here.

By starting the “I am” statement with “I am so grateful that…”, you set the tone before you get to the “I am” statement you want to manifest in your mind, and consequently in your life.

You will find yourself getting into that flow and believing your “I am” statement much more easily, especially if practicing active thoughts like this is new to you.

And once you start doing this, you may find yourself walking around town a little differently, a spring in your step, with a little extra smile on your face, with a better feeling about yourself.

No longer standing in the way of the change you desire.

And even if the thing you want in your life hasn’t shown up yet, you will have the feeling as though it has and can live in that energy.


So give it a try yourself.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Make it a habit until gratitude and positive energy become the dominant force in your emotions, rather than lack and need.

Then watch as positive outcomes follow.

Be sure to share your success stories with others!

Don’t wait to start! Get your gratitude journal today.

I wrote the introduction to help guide you and provide you with motivation to start your mindset shift and contribute to your growth, as well as to continue on even higher as you go.

If nothing else, having something – anything – to serve as a reminder can help a great deal. Whether it’s a gratitude journal or something else.

Get your copy today!

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  1. Pursuit of Great

    Absolutely, thank you for reading it!

  2. I use “i am” statements on a daily basis and have used this gratitude technique for almost a year and it’s had an amazing impact on my life and what I manifest into my life.

  3. Pursuit of Great

    Outstanding! So glad to hear from someone else having success with it!

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