Can Cumin Help You Lose Weight?

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What if a key to easier weight loss was sitting right in your kitchen cupboard right now?

As it turns out, that may be the case.

If you have some cumin, at least.

Researchers out of Iran conducted a study on the effects of cumin on weight loss in obese people. They published their results in the journal Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism n 2015 and they were pretty remarkable.

The researchers randomly assigned 78 obese participants (18 male and 60 female, ages 18-60) to three different groups. One group received a cumin capsule, the second group received the prescription weight loss drug orlistat, and the third was given a placebo.

After eight weeks of intervention, both the cumin group and the orlistat group experienced significant weight loss, with cumin coming out slightly ahead although not necessarily significantly at -1.1 kg (+/- 1.2) with orlistat coming in just lower at -0.9 (+/- 1.5).

The placebo group gained just a little at 0.2kg (+/- 1.5).

Although cumin performed similarly to orlistat, it showed one advantage over it’s pharmaceutical counterpart. Cumin led to a significant reduction in serum insulin levels whereas neither the orlistat group nor the placebo group could say the same.

This combination of a reduction in serum insulin levels as well as weight loss of about 2.5 pounds caused by the simple addition of this delicious spice should put cumin squarely in superfood status.

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