The Coronavirus Silver Lining: Proof We Can Accomplish ANYTHING!

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On Wednesday, March 11, 2020 the NBA suspended its season.

And people finally woke up.

The COVID19 coronavirus had been circulating the globe for quite some time by then, having devastating effects not only in China, but elsewhere in places like South Korea, Italy, and others.

But, outside of some independent voices like mine and others, there was a dearth of talk about this oncoming issue.

In my opinion, that all changed that night when the NBA suspended its season.

That made things “real”.

That got people’s attention and I saw immediate effects in the grocery stores immediately thereafter.

As those of you who have been here before already know, I started promoting safe and sensible preparation weeks before grocery shopping panic began to set in in the US.

I had been going to the store every week and noticing how no real significant runs had been happening, although there was the occasional stocking issue here and there. Always to be restocked in short order, though.

But when the NBA suspended its season, all that changed.

The very next day, Thursday, people all over the Internet began posting videos of people lined up around the block trying to get into their local Costcos for toilet paper and water.

It didn’t take long.

The following day, Friday, my wife and I decided to take a trip out to a couple stores and see what was there. We were going to look for fresh food rather than long-lasting food that people would get for an emergency stash.

Our assumption was that while the masses of people were buying up all the canned and dry foods, the fresh produce, dairy, meat, refrigerated items, etc. wouldn’t be the star of the show.

Boy were we wrong!

We took a look at our shopping list and quickly adjusted it.

Every item on it was replaced with one word:


If it was food, it could go in the cart. That’s how scant the selection was.

We ended up going to a few stores that day, all with varying degrees of that scenario. But there was one thing that gave me great encouragement for the future of humanity.

Yes, while others were decrying the “hoarders” fear-buying things like toilet paper, panicking over their feelings of uncertainty, and some even fighting over some supplies (though not where we are), I saw one of the greatest signs of encouragement I may have ever seen.

In the supplement aisle.

Those of us interested in natural health and wellness are often upset by a certain mindset that seems to permeate the West.

A mindset that causes people to be overly reliant on doctors and other people of authority (perceived or otherwise) when it comes to their health.

A mindset of almost helplessness.

A mindset that causes people to believe there is nothing they can do about their health, that their results are all up to chance, and that they will eventually acquire a litany of diseases that their doctors will then prescribe a litany of medications for that they will have to take the rest of their lives.

But when I went to the supplement aisle of each of these stores, they told a different story.

You see, there were a few items in particular I was looking for. Items that I would use to help prevent colds and flus, and would be focusing on extra heavily now (the following is NOT medical advice, I am not a doctor of any kind). Here’s what I saw:

Vitamin C? Cleaned out.

Zinc? Cleaned out.

Vitamin D? Almost cleaned out.

Colloidal silver? That famous “snake oil hoax” everyone hears about? Cleaned out!

How could this be??

It is important to note that, up to that point, our government had largely been trying to downplay any coronavirus-related panic, although they took some actions in the form of travel restrictions from hot spots around the globe that spoke otherwise.

Our mainstream media ignored it so much you wondered if they even knew what a coronavirus was.

Unless you listened to some independent voices like mine, searched for your own news, or scrolled through a variety of sources on social media, none of the traditional big megaphones were talking to you about this.

But so many people knew how they wanted to take care of themselves!

Given the dearth of news coverage at that time, none of those with the traditional, big megaphones were educating people about the immune-boosting, potential anti-viral capabilities of vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, colloidal silver, and others.

Yet people knew!

How is that?

There is only one way.

It is because WE THE PEOPLE are sharing information, educating each other and ourselves, and taking our power back.

There is an entire population of people, enough to clean out store shelves across entire cities, who are educating themselves on how they can safely protect themselves and their families.

And they are doing so from the ground up. A grassroots movement spurred on not by mainstream encouragement, not by massive influencers (although some do help, such is the power of the Internet), but rather by regular people.

Regular people who are searching for ways to take their power back, take control of their health, and give themselves the best chance at the best health possible.

And if all their efforts still don’t work, THEN rely on their doctors for help.

(ALWAYS talk to your doctor if you are sick or think you might be!)

I expected vitamin C to be mostly cleaned out. That’s been somewhat common knowledge in terms of boosting immune health for a long time. Zinc? Not as common. Vitamin D? Probably less common than that.

But colloidal silver???

How many people are taking colloidal silver now?

Colloidal silver is believed in almost religiously by some, and derisively mocked by many, many others. It is polarizing and I have not heard a single “authority” promote its use. Only the opposite, in fact.

(I am not taking a position on it here. Do your research and talk to your doctor.)

The fact that not a single bottle was to be found shows you just how far the educational reach of “regular” people goes.

Why is this so encouraging to me?

This proves to me that, when there is something we need as a society, we do not need to wait for those in “authority” to provide it to us.

We can help each other, solver our own problems, and make our own lives greater.

Just imagine what we can accomplish when we put our minds to it?

There has been a natural health movement online growing for many years now, and the results can now be seen offline.

What other issues do we need to resolve, that we may have been waiting for government or mainstream authorities to fix for us? How can we make these situations better by ourselves?

We can now see that we have great power to do good. (Here is just one example.)

And if we openly share ideas, and openly share criticisms with love, we can sharpen our minds and create the best ideas that help everyone.

And, if we recognize this power we have to do good and use it, there is no telling how much better we can make our lives and society.

So keep reaching, keep teaching, keep loving, and keep searching out ways to make things better. For us and our neighbors.

It is now confirmed. We have the power!

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