What I’m Doing to Prepare for Coronavirus

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Coronavirus, of COVID-19, sure does prompt a lot of varying reactions from people, doesn’t it?

Ranging from extreme fear to mocking and belittling (sad, I know), the mere mention of the word creates a strong response from many.

Since you’re here, let me tell you about mine and, in so doing, a little more about me.

I’m one of those weird people some might refer to as a “prepper”.

Notice I said “prepper”, not “crazy”.

They are not, in fact, synonyms.

In fact, one really has very little to do with the other.

You see, we’re really all preppers in some way. If you are living a life of even basic order, you are prepping regularly.

You set your alarm in advance to make sure you get to work on time. You make grocery lists before you go to the store. You check your socks and underwear for holes and buy some more before they get out of hand.

Okay, some of you may not fit into the last category, but as you can see, prepping is really all around you.

So why do some have such an aversion to prepping for “disasters”?

Is it because they can’t see them?

That’s my guess.

We all, as I have shown, are prepping constantly. In fact, it’s probably the one thing everybody shares in common, from the law-abiding to the criminal, the young to the old, the capitalist to the communist. We can all relate as fellow preppers.

So today, I’m going to share with you how I’m prepping for coronavirus.

Not that I think it is going to ravage the planet. I hope and pray it does not. And, by extension, I hope and pray all my prepping was for naught.

But if it wasn’t…

Well, I will have been ready to tackle it and survive it, along with my family.

So let’s get into some responsible basics that we all can do. Some basics that have ZERO downside and only upside.

You see, that’s one of the things about prepping that might repel some into becoming virtually irresponsible. This vision that prepping is a waste and just makes someone crazy.

There is a ton of prepping you can do that is not only not wasteful, but is instead extremely productive.

Take what I am doing, for example.

Safely boost my immune system.

I’d ask you to share with me the downside of prepping my immune system but I won’t because I hate wasting your time.


If coronavirus never comes, and chances are it won’t, what will I be left with?

A shiny, great-functioning immune system.

I’ll take that every day of the week.

And to do so, I’m not doing anything crazy. Just adding some whole food-based supplements that have been shown to help boost immune function.

Like vitamin C, vitamin D, and a daily superfood drink, which you can read about here (I’m not an affiliate as of the time of this writing).

I already drink the superfood drink every day, so no big shakeup there. The vitamins C and D I take somewhat regularly, so again no big shakeup there either. I’m just being temporarily more vigilant.

Once again, only upside and no downside.

There are a couple more controversial things I am doing, like the occasional dose of colloidal silver and a daily flax oil supplement, but I put those in a secondary category because the science is not so widely accepted and therefore they are personal choices of mine.

But because I am familiar with the supplements and personally aware/accepting of any possible risks, I’ve added them to my regimen. I am not suggesting you do the same.

Nor am I suggesting you do any of the specific things I am doing. No vitamin or supplement plan is foolproof and they all can be done in an unsafe way. So none of this is medical advice or a substitute for you talking to your licensed healthcare provider. That person is not me! This is only an example of how I’m personally prepping for any potential arrival of coronavirus.

Which, on the immune system front, are things I would do to protect myself against ANY virus.

Now, on to the next category.


This is a topic that does not get nearly enough coverage. And also a big problem in my eyes as most people do not think about long-term supplies in their homes.

You don’t need a coronavirus scare to prompt you to keep some extra food, water, and toilet paper in your house.

It’s not exactly hard and you don’t score any “cool” points by saying you don’t have any.

And just how “not hard” is it?

Well, the next time you’re at the store, grab a handful of canned items, like beans, vegetables, potatoes, tuna fish, whatever you enjoy. Add in some dry items like rice and pasta that last a long time.

These items are extremely cheap, can come without fillers, and by adding a little bit each time, you barely notice it on your bill. You could also stock up in one fell-swoop, but if you prep consistently that will not be necessary.

Either way, before you know it, your family is prepped for a food run, a quarantine, a long-term power outage, you name it.

And if none of those things ever happen?

You have is some extra food.

Again, no downside. You either eat it or you can donate it to someone who is hungry.

There is literally no problem here and it barely cost you anything to protect you and your family.

But why do you have to do this in advance? Isn’t there time?

Even as of this writing, when coronavirus has not broken out in a pandemic way in the US, it’s getting harder to get certain supplies.

For example, I ordered toilet paper on Amazon a week ago, in stock, and it still hasn’t shipped.

Are they having a supply issue due to global demand?

I don’t know.

What I do know is that when Amazon has your order in stock, they typically ship it immediately. The fact it hasn’t is a red flag to me. An anecdotal red flag, but a red flag nonetheless.

So to the store I’ll go for some extra toilet paper and paper towels.

Any downside?

Of course not. We all use these toilet paper and will continue to use toilet paper until they come up with an improvement to toilet paper.

Since I don’t think a third ply will move the needle, I’m fairly certain we’ve done about as good as we can in the toilet paper game. So I’m okay with extra toilet paper in the house.

No downside.

There is no better time than the present.

The best time to prep is before all those who haven’t prepped rush the stores in a tizzy.

Take care of yourself now so those who haven’t can take care of themselves later. You do yourself and them a favor by prepping now, so go ahead.

Take a look at your budget, consult your licensed health practitioner for immune boosting advice and/or prescriptions, and load up on good stuff you know you can and will use.

No downside.

All the best to you and your family!

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