Are You Developing a Coronavirus Mindset?

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The coronavirus pandemic has placed us into a tricky situation.

And the situation I’m talking about has nothing to do with quarantines, face masks, or even the newest form of “paper gold”…toilet paper!

No, the situation I’m talking about has everything to do with your mind.

With all the focus placed on rates of infection, testing, the economy, etc., perhaps the most important aspect of this entire pandemic has been ignored.

Sustained, long-term damage to mental health.

Every decision we make, how we approach dealing with this virus, has an impact on the mind. And our leaders have a great responsibility in the collective mind of society.

And they’re failing you.

But you can typically anticipate that and, if you do, you can proactively protect yourself.

You see, there is a way to approach all things in your life, and the coronavirus pandemic is no exception.

You can approach life with fear and trepidation, or you can approach it with confidence and strength.

Guess which ones your leaders have chosen for you?

Government leaders and media tend to traffic in fear.


Because that’s how they keep you on the hook. That’s how they keep you pressing that channel button to hear what they have to say, to hear what solutions they have to offer you, and what rules they demand you follow.

Once you open your eyes to this, you can’t help but see it almost every time they speak.

Take the current pandemic as an example. There is a virus circulating among the people.

What is their solution?

Run and hide.


They have forced you to run and hide.

The only solution they have is to isolate yourself, cultivating a mindset of fear in you, giving you no options to take your own power back over your own health.

Now, perhaps there is some sense in that as a part of your personal solution. Keeping oneself out of harm’s way is always prudent. But is abject isolation across entire nations also prudent? Does ti cross over into territory that could create a fear mindset in you? Is it even proven effective?

We’re told that it is. We’re also provided no evidence that it is.

And even if it is, you can’t help but feel there is a glaring lack in this approach.

You see, as you listen to all the public “health” experts, you’ll notice there is one very important factor they omit in their discussions on this topic.

Your health!

You hear all sorts of “wisdom” about hiding in your room, covering your face when you venture into that scary place they call outside, disinfecting every cereal box that comes within 50 feet of your home, in the never-ending battle to dodge, dip, duck, and dive from every microbe there is.

All they offer you is the equivalent of having your back up against the wall, swatting furiously as though you were being swarmed by flies.

But what if you were really being swarmed by flies? What would be your best strategy?

I don’t know about you, but I’d sure like some bug spray.

But our leaders offer us no “bug spray”. They offer no offensive solutions. Nothing we can take on the offense against the enemy. Only defense. Only retreat.

Which leads to only fear.

What if they took this time that they have forced upon us all, their captive audience, and taught us all about all the simple methods we can use to boost our immune systems?

Methods we can use to boost our protection so if/when we do come into contact with the virus, we have a fighting chance to beat it.

So we aren’t just sitting at home, afraid of the world, cultivating a fear mindset that could prevent us from ever functioning confidently again, watching that fear slowly grow and compound over time.

Because that’s exactly what unchecked fear does.

ANY mindset you practice will only grow over time.

So why haven’t they taken long-term impacts on mental health into consideration? Are they simply unaware?

Quite possibly.

But in any case, they are literally endangering the mental health of their constituents, the very people they purport to help, unless those people take active measures against this insidious attack.

Sounds terrible, right?

Not necessarily.

It’s not necessarily terrible because this attack on your confidence and power can serve as proof that we can overcome the toxic thoughts and intents of those who may not have our best interests at heart.

Through this pandemic, we can learn how to fend for ourselves. How to protect our bodies, minds, and spirits.

And how no person or organization needs to have power over us in this way.

The power is ours.

The power to take charge of our own health. The power to live in confidence, not fear. The power to do our own homework to find out how we can achieve outstanding health.

To that end, did you know that those who die from coronavirus are far and away mostly those with underlying health conditions?

What does this tell us that those in our government and media are not?

It tells me that if underlying health conditions are making people susceptible to death, then the best way to live is to prevent underlying health conditions in the first place.

Why aren’t they spending more time talking about this? Going into detail about this? Teaching about this?

They are interested in public “health” aren’t they?

But the truth is those in government, media, and their chosen public health “experts” aren’t talking about this.

And if they do mention the risks to those with underlying conditions, they certainly aren’t offering any solutions to improve our health.

To be fair, though, it’s not as if they have 24-hour-a-day coverage on this topic.

Oh, wait…

But the good news is we only have to follow their laws, not their lead.

We can take back our power to do our own homework and to find those independent voices that do care about our health, and do provide us with information on how to achieve the best of it.

They are out there, and the process is much simpler than the “experts” would have you believe.

We can take back our power to learn what natural, easy-to-find supplements can boost our immune systems.

We can take back our power to learn what foods and habits contribute to general ill-health (also not complicated).

But most importantly, we can take back our power over our own minds.

Our own minds that drive the ship of everything we believe, everything we do, and how we perceive every aspect of our lives, determining our success or lack thereof.

The coronavirus pandemic will not always be with us.

But the mindset we cultivate during this time will.

Choose POWERfully!

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