Keys to Beginning a Workout Routine

Beginning a Workout Routine is the Only Thing that Matters
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Why does beginning a workout routine seem so complicated and difficult sometimes?

Why does something so obviously beneficial as exercise seem to have roadblocks put up all around it, discouraging so many people who know they need it, from ever getting started in the first place?

And why does this massive industry that is littered with proponents, professionals, and advertisers seem to be equally discouraging to some people beginning a workout routine as it is encouraging to others?

Beginning a Workout Routine in a Sea of Workout Routines

Maybe the fact it is a massive industry is part of the problem.

The exercise industry is so massive and there are so many options with so many people looking to make a buck on an obvious need, that everybody needs to have an angle. And sometimes the more provocative the angle, the more attention it gets, and the more money it makes.

It’s a cruel situation for those who need to get in the game (all of us) and deserve the encouragement to get started working out and knowing that they belong in that world.

Which is what the fitness world should be all about.

But with so many who adhere to specific types of workouts with an almost religious-like fervor, now using social media to blare their devotion through a megaphone to the rest of the faithful, it is really easy to feel bombarded and confused. Even judged if your tastes are not on board with theirs.

It’s no wonder beginning a workout routine can be intimidating.

Combine all of the above with the fact that the ambassadors of the industry, by nature, also appear at seemingly unattainable levels, and the at-times outright “snobbery” about how fitness must be practiced, and you get a formula to make people feel unworthy or judged when only the opposite is reality.

There should be no surprise that it may seem like there is a barrier to entry to getting in shape. Especially if getting started entails walking into a gym for the first time, when a gym really just feels for so many like judgement you pay for with a subscription fee.

What a deal!

Fortunately we’re not about that here. The truth and improving ourselves is much more important than ego and selling niche fitness products while demeaning other niche fitness products.

There is No Barrier to Entry for Your Health and Well Being

The truth is, exercise, health, and well being is everyone’s birthright. There are no gatekeepers. Everyone is entitled to it. It is not just for the select few who seem to have achieved it already.

If you are beginning a workout routine or have been concerned about getting started, or even if you are doubting whether or not your routine is worthwhile, there is even more encouraging news.

When it comes to exercising for your health, there is a very simple truth that matters above all else:

Consistency wins.

That is the most important thing. Not special degrees or special genetics. Just finding something that you enjoy and that challenges you enough, and sticking with it.

To Those Who Start to Work Out, We Salute You!

I don’t know about you, but when I see someone working out, no matter what they are doing (as long as it’s safe of course) or what they look like, I’m happy for them and inspired by them.

I’m not just inspired by the gym heroes and workout warriors, who are impressive in their own right. I’m more inspired by the people who are getting themselves into the game, regardless of whether or not they look the part.


Because they are putting in the work. That’s the only thing that matters.

And they are putting in the work in a field that by its nature does everything possible to say “this exclusive club isn’t for you”. But they know that’s not true. Exercise, health, and well being is their birthright too, so they are stepping into the arena to go get it for themselves.

Putting in the work is all that matters and automatically gets my respect.

So I hope I have yours too.

Beginning a Workout Routine + Consistency = Empowerment

The good news for all of us is, if you stay consistent with the work while being safe, you will reap reward after reward after reward for your efforts. It’s just that simple.

Inputs = output. (You can read more about that formula here.)

So, if you are not exercising today, don’t worry about it! It is never too late to start.

Beginning a workout routine and creating the discipline to stay with it over time is one of the most empowering things you can do. It not only gives you more confidence in your body, it gives you more confidence in you.

So look around for something you enjoy and that fits your lifestyle. Don’t worry so much about how to start getting in shape, but just that you start. You can always change things up as you learn what works best for you.

Starting with something that you will be motivated to stick with is the most important thing.

My favorite way to start is by phasing in some safe exercise or physical activity that you enjoy. It doesn’t really matter what it is at this point, just so long as you enjoy it and stay consistent with it.

I personally love doing intermittent work. I can do it from the comfort of my own home, it does not add any time to my schedule, and it fits in perfectly with my personality. If you’re interested, you can learn more about it here.

But just as long as you’re doing something that you enjoy and is safe, it doesn’t really matter if it’s anybody else’s cup of tea.

This is your tea.

Just get started, have some fun, and you’ll grow. And who knows how far you can go!

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