10 Christmas Gratitude Affirmations to Get You in the Right State of Mind (works for any holiday!)

10 Christmas Gratitude Affirmations to Get You in the Right State of Mind (works for any holiday!)-1
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

But a lot you may not feel that way.

You might be stressed about family issues, financial issues, relationship issues, any of a long list of possible issues that seem to rear their ugly heads for many people at Christmastime.

Maybe you’re anticipating an argument over politics with your aunt and uncle.

Or an argument over why you didn’t take that job even after your dad called in all those personal favors with his barber’s uncle’s cousin’s middle school teacher. (He has a reputation to uphold, don’t you know.)

Or the yearly resurrected argument over why it was totally you that ruined your sister’s new sweater back in ’98 but you’re still to stubborn and selfish to admit it.

And then a lot of you might be really looking forward to it and really do feel like it is the most wonderful time of the year.

No matter how you feel going into the holidays, you need to make sure your mind is right going in.

And you may just find that you’ll experience things totally differently.

How Gratitude Affirmations Can Help Anyone at the Holidays

If you’re dreading certain aspects of the holidays, getting your mind right in advance can not only help you see everything and everybody in a better light, you can also help ensure that you are not the one bringing any of that nasty energy in there with you.

You never know, that could make all the difference in the world and change things for everybody, giving everybody license to relax and be at peace.

But if you do bring that negative, tense energy with you, then look out. Not only will you be tense and on the lookout for someone to offend you and ruin your day, others will feel that energy and feed off of it as well.

It’s a bad combination.

But let’s think a little bit bigger now. Perhaps by changing your mindset, you can not only change your energy and mindset, but you can actually effectuate a shift and manifest the holidays you’ve been wanting rather than the ones you’ve been experiencing.

Why not believe this is possible? The alternative is certainly no better.

And for those of you that love the holidays already, have great experiences with your family, and feel you need no help in getting your mind right?

You may need this as much or more than anybody else.

Falling into a trap of overconfidence has been a pitfall for many. When you think you have everything right, that is exactly the right time to ensure it.

Never be left unprepared.

More importantly than that, you may also be thinking too small.

Why are your old experiences good enough, no matter how good they might have been?

Is it possible they could be even better and your high expectations are still set too low?

Is it possible you have taken those good experiences for granted and still do not appreciate them as much as you could?

It seems a shame to leave those kinds of possibilities on the table. We are looking for great here, after all.

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Why You Need to Practice Gratitude Affirmations at Christmastime, and Have Nothing to Lose

By practicing these ten gratitude affirmations for Christmas, or any other holiday you celebrate, you can help yourself see things differently and get into the right mindset if you’re not currently looking forward to it.

And by practicing these ten gratitude affirmations for Christmas, you can see good things and appreciate things that you thought you appreciated before, but didn’t realize how much more you could have gotten out of them and how much better they could be.

There are no losers here when you practice gratitude affirmations. Only winners.

So, for you, I spent some time in my own gratitude affirmation practice to try out some special affirmations just for the holidays, testing them out to see how they resonated, how they made me feel, and most importantly how they affected my mindset.

After testing them all, I can say that these ten all had a profound impact on my mindset, as gratitude affirmations almost always do.

I came out of this session appreciating things I already thought I appreciated but realized I was taking for granted. I came out of this session seeing the good in every aspect of the holiday and having a positive expectation of it. I came out of this session focused only on the good whereas before I may have been concerned about and anticipating any potential antagonism.

Now I know I will be primed for the positive, contributing only positive and no negative.

(Mind you, none of this negates any tough work you might have to do with your relationships or yourself. But it can get you into a positive place where you can do that work and do so successfully.)

What You Can Expect from These Gratitude Affirmations

Give these gratitude affirmations a try. See how they make you feel and how they work for you. And keep practicing them until and through the holidays and see how your mindset shifts, grows, and how you handle things, both good and bad.

Are you more patient with others? Do you enjoy their company more? Do you treat them better yourself? Did you come out unscathed for maybe the first time in years?

Those are just the baseline expectations, by the way. You could experience way better results than that too. Keep yourself open to the best possible outcomes, not the worst, but start with the basics first.

Here we go. Ten Gratitude Affirmations for Christmas. Give them a go and don’t stop if inspiration starts to flow. You’re not limited to ten.

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Now that my shameless plug is out of the way, let’s get started!

10 Gratitude Affirmations for Christmas

  • I am so grateful for the holidays
  • I am so grateful for my family
  • I am so grateful for giving gifts
  • I am so grateful for laughter
  • I am so grateful for joy
  • I am so grateful for love
  • I am so grateful for smiles
  • I am so grateful for togetherness
  • I am so grateful for food
  • I am so grateful for God

Use these as inspiration. Add more that work for you, subtract some that don’t. Your gratitude affirmations practice is your oyster.

Go for it, have fun, and be a blessing to those around you at the holidays this year.

Then take your life to the next level in the next year.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Happy Holidays to you and yours, and here’s to your pursuit of GREAT!

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